I am working on an agriculture drone, and would like to have both autopilot and FPV. I have made a list of the autopilot components I plan on purchasing, but am unsure of what FPV parts to buy. What do you recommend?

Here are the autopilot parts I plan on purchasing:

3DR Pixhawk
U-Blox GPS - 3DR
3DR Radio 915 MHz
3DR Radio Adapter Cable for APM 2.5
USB Connector Type A to mini Type B
2x Servo Extension Cable (Female-Female)
Mission Planner
Pixhawk Airspeed Sensor Kit
RFD900 Radio Modem
900MHz Half Wave Dipole Antenna

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Do you want the FPV to be separate from any other cameras?
I'd get one of the sony 600tvl security cameras people like, and a small pan/tilt servo gimbal for it.  I like the 3.6mm lens, especially when you've got pan/tilt. 



Other than that, a video transmitter and receiver.  If it's open fields, I'd get 5.8ghz. 

You have options for receiver.. Can get an external unit, and use it w/ any screen.  Or, they sell FPV screens and goggles w/ built in receivers. 

They also make video switches, so you could switch to the cam looking down on the field to see its view, and switch back to the FPV camera to look around. 

I power all mine off a small DC to DC voltage regulator off the main battery, or R/C people tend to call them BEC's. 

That's it.

I am planning on purchasing the Canon S100 and using CHDK to make a picture of the field. This would be separate from the FPV camera as well. What battery are you using? I am getting a ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 4S1P 30C, I believe that should be large enough to run everything for a while.

I'm using two parallel 5200mAh 4s multistars, so 10400 total. 
I use regulators off it, to power everything else.  2 cameras, brushless gimbal, servo gimbal, lights, video tx, etc.

What are you using for the frame?  Motors?

I am using the Skywalker X8 with a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 3548 – 700kv.

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