I'm designing a pseudo-ducted quadrotor platform for industrial use. I'm still in the design phase as this needs lots of thought and careful planning. The concept is to keep everything as integrated and protected from the elements as possible. There is lots of space in the side cavities for specialized electronics which allows for the design of special purpose builds. The bottom cover shell also comes in different sizes in order to keep any added electronics (extra batteries for example) covered that may extend out of the bottom of the frame. It also features an integrated stabilized tilt camera.

The plan is to design three sizes, one for 12", 10" and 8" props. I've started with the 12" and will decide what is doable based on the resulting calculations. The body and frame design is just about complete. My first choice of material is carbon fiber but I still have to do some research on the lightest and strongest possible materials. I'm currently on weight calculations for an all CF version in an effort to calculate some data for motors, props and flight durations. 

There is still very much to do on this. I'm hoping to feed off of the experience here on DIY Drones and maybe even find some collaboration on the way. I have lots of questions stored up for different stages but I'll stick to the presentation of the project for now ;-)

Here are more pics: http://diydrones.com/photo/albums/agrion-industrial-quadrotor-platform

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Looks good Eric, it is quite similar in design to the AR Drone?

Thanks Dean, not in my opinion ;-P

Do you plan to sell copies of your frame perhaps?
Are you aware of where to buy such a thing?

Thank you!


I do plan to sell the frame, and a complete solution. There still much finite work to do but I'm pretty much bouncing all over the planet at the moment. So I'm pretty much stuck with CAD design until I'm back at my workshop. You can follow the progress here and put me on your friend list for unreleased updates. There's some progress I heven't posted yet. And the way it looks, I'll be adding a fix wing to the fleet.

This is a piece of art keep us posted !

In my world, form lacking function is just as much an insult as function lacking form :-P Thanks Hawhoo, I will keep you updated....

Anyone please feel free to post any features, requests or ideas. I'll be posting some of the progress thats happening on the inside soon.

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