Airborne Innovations low cost wireless HD video link

Airborne Innovations has released a low cost high definition video compression system aimed at DIY/educational use.
This low cost system has limited features compared with the more capable MicroraptorHD platform.
However, the low cost system is capable of interfacing with an HD board camera capable of 720p/1080p, or with the analog HD component interface option it can be used with cameras like the Sony FCB-H11 HD block camera (supporting up to 1080i).  Latency is good enough for most FPV purposes.
A standard definition option is also available.

Complete kits are available with 2.4GHz / 5.8 GHz radios, or the compression board can be purchased alone.

RF power output is 1W (2.4 GHz).  Weight of the compression board and radio is 76 grams.
Currently a laptop can be used to view and record the video.
The Silicon Micro Display 1080p HD goggles are another option for visualization.

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