ive installed my airspeed indicator but when i tested it in console mode under test the data output i got was nanm/s and it didnt change when i try breathing in the tube

i checked that voltage is presant but im not sure how to check the analoge output has anyone seen this please



forgot to add i changed the firmware to the dec 13 version and it didnt change

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i found the solution

this row (744) is varying if i blow into the Airspeed Sensor Tubes it changes from 555-1357


1691 1683 1683 1459 2074 2091 2443 744 0

if i use then type Airspeed i still get only nanm/s this is my config.h #define AIRSPEED_SENSOR ENABLED #define AIRSPEED_RATIO 0.1254


a CLI Reset to factory has solved the issu

thanks for all

I've updated the code (download from the Mission Planner) to support the 5004, too.

Hi I have the API model number MPXV7002DP. I can not see anywhere which way u put the silcon pipes on and no where how and where it goes on the APM 2.5 board. Could someone please help and im so fed up trying different things and worrying if im about to destroy the board!!!!

Austin, are you reading the manual

@chris I couldn't find the manual many thanks for that massive help.

Hi All,

I have a problem with my airspeed indicator ( MPXV7002DP ) When ever i check the voltage on the pins its shows 

Pin 2 & 3 = 4.9v

Pin 2 & 4 = 4.8v  

Pin 3 & 4 = .01v

Any body has same problem ? 



Regarding the Analog Airspeed Sensor MPXV7002DP on a Pixhawk and using Qgroundcontrole
We cannot get this air speed sensor to work on our VTOL Quad (ranger) plane using the Qgc Quadranger firmware. We have it wired into the ADC 6.6v port and when we try to calibrate it the error massage comes up. Its on and working and Qgc seems to detects it but always comes up with and error, [cal] calibration failed: airspeed. Any ideas?

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