Airspeed Sensor ​​on APM 2.012 does not work

hi all friendsAirspeed sensor (MPXV5004DP) Worked in (ArduPilotMega 1.02) but the new version (APM 2.012) does not work on test mode !!When I use it like a message to:"airspeed: disabled"Why ?Profile System:1- ArduPilotMega IMU (v 1.4)2- ArduPilot Mega (ATMega1280)3- GPS : GS407 U-Blox5 GPS 4Hz4- XBee Pro 900 RPSMA (900mhz)and5- arduino 0022my APM_Config.h :#define GPS_PROTOCOL GPS_PROTOCOL_UBLOX#define GCS_PROTOCOL GCS_PROTOCOL_LEGACY#define GCS_PORT 3#define SERIAL3_BAUD 57600#define AIRSPEED_SENSOR ENABLED


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  • Just tested APM2.1 and the airspeed sensor works when auto detedting.

    Thaks all for the great work!!!
  • Hi All


    After testing the change in code I noticed that the airspeed sensor was still enabled even if it was disconnected.

    I am testing with a MPXV7002DP Airspeed sensor.

    I have changed the code again and now the airspeed sensor is enabled when connected and disabled when not connected.

    I have no clue with coding , only a little common savvy. so you are all welcome to shoot me down, but this seems to work so far for me. I only changed the auto detect lines in system.pde as follows

    // Autodetect airspeed sensor            

    if (adc.Ch(AIRSPEED_CH) < 2900)  //Air speed sensor not detecting, Changed > 2900 to <2900          


    airspeed_enabled = false; //Air speed sensor not detecting, Changed true to false          




    airspeed_enabled = true; //Air speed sensor not detecting, Changed false to true          





  • Hi All

    I also had the problem of the airspeed sensor not being detacted and displaying disabled when testing in CLI. I only changed the auto detect lines in system.pde as follows

    // Autodetect airspeed sensor

    if (adc.Ch(AIRSPEED_CH) > 2900)
    airspeed_enabled = true;
    airspeed_enabled = true;// changed from false to true. Airspeed sensor was not auto detecting.

    Now the airspeed sensor works all the time.
    I will keep testing it to see if it stays that way.

    Thanks for the good work all.
  • I just checked both of the data sheets and t seems that their sensitivities are in deed different. 

    Older MPXV5004DP: Output voltage goes from 1.0V to 5.0V for the pressure range from 0 to 4.0 kPa. Sensitivity 1V/kPa

    Newer MPXV7007DP: Output voltage goes from 0.5V to 4.5V for the pressure range from 0 to 7.0 kPa. Sensitivity 286 mV/kPa

    (Hope I did read all the numbers correctly)

    The outcome without sensor detection explains the observed problem and readings but also would require a different transfer function for the sensor raw value readings.

    Datasheets attached.




  • Hi guys. I have the MPX5004DP pressure sensor as well and experienced this same issue. I'm very glad I came accross this thread, thanks for your advices! I have now changed the code by removing the detection test, and the airspeed sensor is now up and running. My only concern is whether the MPX5004 sensor needs to be recalibrated? Or should they output the same measurement data? When testing on ground it looks good though (readings in the interval of 0 to 1.41m/s)
  • Hi guys,

    I also have MPXV500 airspeed sensor (well - two of them...) - both from DIYDrones Store.

    I am getting 1420..1440 when the sensor is connected and 2550..2790 when the sensor is not connected. (A handful of samples for both cases, ambient temp 25°C)

    My oilpan version is HOTEL 1.0 and APM is ATMEGA1280 from Sparkfun and has the channel markings reading from IN0..IN7 and OUT0..OUT7.

    Should I write an issue report about this?

  • 3D Robotics
    The airspeed sensor is autodetected in APM 2.012. It works on all of ours, so the question is why isn't yours being detected? One thing I note is that you're not using the recommended airspeed sensor ( Where did you get your sensor?
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