I will ask the same question as someone else who never got an answer.

have i got to add pins to the apm 2.5 for a airspeed sensor or are they already taken care of in the row of pins at the top which take the airflow etc.


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Terry - I don;t personally own a 2.5 board, but i believe it is very similar to the APM2 board - In the manual, on this page, the 3rd image down shows the APM pins, and what they do, Airspeed is in the corner...

They are already there on the 2.5, just plug into the A0 position.  

My airspeed sensor came missing the 3 pin header, so I did have to solder on a .1" spacing 3 pin header. No biggie.

Thanks thats what I thought but somehow could not find this pic


Cheers info now complete



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