Just wondering - has anyone tried the gimbal control options in APM with Alexmos rc2.0?

Supposedly Alexmos can take a feed from a FC to improve its stabilization.

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ok, i'm ready to run servo signals from port 10 & 11 to the alexmos, but has anyone actually tried feeding the alexmos from the apm?

Ok, assuming no replies = nobody has tested yet, I went ahead and slotted it in.

So far...the alexmos picks up the signal no problem. Once i get my motors, I'll do a test with and without FC feedback, to see how it performs. Note: It's signal only; no + or -.

Reportedly, it only really comes into it's own in aggressive maneuvers - we'll just have to see.

Please do report your results, I'm planing on RCTimer GoPro gimal with AlexMos 

I don't see the point of this function. I only had problems with apm gimbal servo output it gives random twitching and stuff unusable for video. I run opensource brushlessgimbal and have channel 8 connected to it bypassing APM for perfect results.

As I hanged a new 3axis alexmos gimbal under my quad yesterday - I am wondering if somebody know how to transfer data from APM FC compass to control (fix) a yaw axis of the gimbal. It works wonderfully but as it has no internal compas it counts the course with some algorithm (I think). That is why after some time it is loosing a preceise course. Anybody can help?

I have used the Alexmos board pretty extensively and never used the APM to augment it. Stabilization by the board and its included IMU is excellent so I never saw a need to. I did hook up pitch control to APM for obvious reasons, but thats it.


Have u used a 3 or 2 axis gymball Max? As I am using 3 axis I had an idea to hook up a Z axis to compass to make accurate 'follow yaw' mode availiable (as follow pith or roll is availiable now - when u hook up alexmos to AC10 or AX11 pin of APM). For now I have a configuration shown on picture. Brt

I don't have the 3 axis, only 2. I could certainly see how the yaw input would be very helpful with the 3 axis. I suppose the compass yaw control is necessary to avoid accumulation of error in the IMU measurements since there isn't gravity in the X-Y for accelerometers to measure, unlike the Z.

Hi Euan, 

I have tried a alexmos gimbal 2 axis with its own IMU and an external pitch control from APM. It works perfectly without adding other APM IMU data, so I agree with others you would not need it ( or maybe on a 3 axis for Z to have a Yaw follow mode)


have anyone tried target locking with a brushless gimbal, is that possible?


Are you trying to lock onto a target or simply have the APM manage the stablisation of the gimbal ?

If its just the later, and your gimbal has a controller why introduce the APM at all. ? Let the gimbal controller sense levelness and let it manage the servos etc.

I just simply want to lock on a target, i know the gimbal is only capable of maintaining fixed angle. the apm need not to stabilize the gimbal but just to point in the right direction using servo leads attached to the gimbal controller. 

is this possible?

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