Hi, I had  flying my plane along 20 flights with any problems but, I wanted  tuning fine. For this, today I went to do some adjust and all ok but when I put de "Cross track" gain to 0 for tuning the nav_roll. The plane the take off ok and started the mission but past the wp2, plane started to do very strange turns. I tried take the control in stablize mode but no respond me, I switch to manual and nothing, I continued to other modes and a few mins (hours for me) I achieve the control in stabilized mode and I landing quickly.
After to inspect all conections and do a reset, I flew on stabilized mode and all ok.
I power the APM 2.5 by separate BEC, I had installed AP2.67.
Somebody can help me, now I'm not feel safe :-(

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I also recently had a plane fly in the wrong direction when reducing cross track gain. I had it set to 0.15, I think. As I re-set it to 0.30, I saw (in telemetry) the plane change course.

It would be worth some experimenting to see if there is a bug there.

I did not have a loss of control in manal, though.



It was a very calm day with negligible side wind.

subject says 2.66 , text 2.67 - are you sure the power was good ?

The day was calm and with very good gps signal.
Sorry, I was wrong with the arduplane version, it's 2.66.
I improved the power connection, with soldering the pins, to rule out the possible power failure.

Tomorrow I'll fly, wish me luck.

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