I don't know what i did wrong but i almost fried my APM (lots of smoke !!!)

Yesterday i soldered on an external BEC  Pluged everything in and POOF  smoke came out , the BEC fried all up and the black wire on the servo lead from the ESC fried as well even though everything was plugged into the APM it still works fine i cant believe it !!!

as far as i can tell i didn't plug it in wrong (but obviously i did )

i soldered the bec onto the battery wire and pluged it into the #5 IN on the APM

i took off the red wire from the ESC and left on the white and black wires.


can someone tell me what happened exactly ???  before i really do some damage.



sorry guys ,.

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photos usually help. Even if they don't, those of us who have made bad mistakes like to see pictures from other people who have done the same so we feel better ;)

Haha, yeah photos would be helpfull


But i guess you might of had a faulty BEC, but the great news is that you did not fry your APM


did you make sure that the ESC's power leads were removed from the plugs?

That may me a possible problem if you are supplying say 6v from the BEC AND 5v from the esc's.


while i was taking this picture for you guys i realized what i did wrong : (

notice how color of the wire out of the ESC

funny how that works.... but don't feel too bad. As easy as that is to spot, I don't have fingers and toes enough to count the number of EEs who made the same mistake at one time or another, and had to get someone else to spot it for them...

I keep colored shrink wrap around to help keep myself from making the same mistake when I haven't slept for days.

it goes back to normal at the deans @ the battery but when i was soldering the bec i forgot it was backwards.........

so how did the APM not fry ?

It is not a straight through connection. The circuitry on the ESC most likely has some diodes or some form of polarity protection, deliberate or incidental. The ESC has a BEC that brings the voltage down to +5vcc. 



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