How can I modify drift mode to use Alt Hold?  I love this mode, but I would rather it hold altitude automatically.

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Anyone? Anyone?   The link on the flight modes wiki sent me here for customizing the flight modes:

But it isn't giving much detail.


I agree that would be good as at the moment I fly in alhold and shoot around like a maniac at 40m high  at 60mph

good thing is I don't have to worry about over shooting or running in to anything but then have to switch to loiter to put hand break on as it were


Have you read this as well:

I was thinking of this flight mode too, that's how I found your post.

Me 2 ! alt hold in drift mode will be awesome! :)

I think 3.2 beta has this. It's called Throttle Assist.

ArduCopter 3.2-rc1 9-May-2014
Changes from 3.1.4
1) Hybrid mode - position hold mode but with direct response to pilot input during repositioning (JulienD, SandroT)
2) Spline waypoints (created by David Dewey, modified and integrated by Leonard, Randy)
3) Drift mode uses "throttle assist" for altitude control (Jason)

I would like also to modify the drift mode to use the Alt Hold? Anyone can point the right direction to archive that in APM 3.1?

It's only to change in config.h this?


// Drift Mode
#ifndef DRIFT_THR


// Drift Mode
#ifndef DRIFT_THR
  # define DRIFT_THR                   THROTTLE_HOLD

This treatment works?

That would be a great feature.

I'm quite puzzled as to why my quad needs more throttle if I switch from Loiter to Drift mode too...

Any ideas anyone?

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