Hello, I'm having some trouble with my baro. I'm running 2.0.50 taken from git.


When I'm in alt_hold at sonar altitude, it holds very well. But when I'm in baro altitude (more than 7m) the alt hold sucks. I can hear motors change speed very fast. 

Here is an example log of this:


Fisrt alt_hold (in green it's the mode) is very unstable (I'm at 12 m) when I go down to sonar altitude the alt_hold is almost perfect.

If I look at baro readings I see a lot of noise. Here is the same log but with the baro alt and the throtle output (taken from the ctun data)

It's possible to see that Arducopter has a lot of problems to hold altitude. 

I used to have some sonar problem but now is working right.

I attached the log file.


What could be the problem?

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Just another info, I just test in cli mode and I got this as values:

Thanks for any help.


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