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After a few years of flying mapping missions with a fixed wing, using APM and Pixhawk, I got the opportunity to get airborne a 700 sized quad that was given to me (but not flyable as is).  I've flown my son's Hubsan X4 a fair bit, but I know this is biting off a big chunk, so I'm working slowly, and things are coming together.

I've encountered a strange scenario, though, now that things are all together.  When the bird's in Stabilize mode, it's really a rocky, tippy  mess upon takeoff.  It's to the point that I scale back the throttle because it's flipped itself a few times

The strange part comes when I tried to put it in Alt Hold and fly.  It lifted right off, and held Altitude pretty well. 

AC3.3 on Pixhawk

Tarot 700mm (or so)

HlY 4240 650kV

30A HK Blue ESC

11x5 props

All props and motors are in the correct direction (didn't come to me that way :(  ), ESCs calibrated (all at once).

I'm wondering if part of the issue is I'm too shy on the throttle stick on Stab takeoff...in AltHold it powers up pretty fast once I pass the deadzone, so maybe I just need to get over my tentativeness?  It could be the prop wash that is destabilizing things.

Any thoughts?

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Update...multiple ESC calibrations, rolled back to AC3.2.1, got less shy about punching the throttle in STAB for liftoff, and....flight!  Lots to do yet, but progress feels good...

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