Hi Everyone,


I have the Feiyutech 602 data modems. These are 500mW 433Mhz Radios which are very light and provide much better and longer range than 3DR Radios (approx 10kms and more). Today, I got an idea to see if I could use these modems instead of the 3DR Radios. Some pins have to be repositioned to match the tx and rx pins and it actually works !!! 

The only downside is that the MP and the ardupilot connect at 38400kbps rather than 57600... Is that going to be a problem? The 602s are wroking absolutely fine and everything seems to be working the way it should. The max baud rate on 602 is 38400 and once you change the rates in the MP, and tune the radios on 38400, they provide the same performance so far.


Here is the link to the radio I am using now. Have'nt done a flight with it, but will try soon as and when the weather permits.



Also, a regular TTL cable works for the USB connection to the Modem.

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Has anyone seen this post?

Hello Saurabh, 

I've been using the 3DR 433 MHz radios and am considering a switch to higher power radios sometime in the future.  Indeed 500mW seems to be a good upgrade from the 100mW currently available - have you flown with those modems yet? What range did you get from them?

Hi there...

Yes I have flown with them... but not the APM. I have flown FY31AP with these modems... I get more than 5.5 km range with this setup.. thats the farthest I have gone..

any progress on these FY-602 radio modems??? i mean in connection with apm??/

HI Saurabh,

Is the Fy602 a replacement for the 3DR and UHF long distance like the dragon link?

Can we connect one modem to connect to the mission planner and the RC radio? 

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