Has anyone considered or tried 11 inch props on the Iris?  What about 3 blade or 4 blade props?

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Um, I'm pretty sure that the props would hit each other at 11"...

Yes they would, unless they ran at slightly different heights.  So perhaps that only leaves blade pitch, number of blades, and blade material (rigidity).

I had a heck of a time balancing the stock props... they leave a lot to be desired. I would love an upgrade.

After 19 flights on my Iris I am ready to try something. I find it impossible to get more than 11 minutes fight time with the stock batteries (3 of them) running all the way to the battery failsafe with zero payload(no long legs either). I upgraded to a $90 battery and got to 13 minutes. 

To get 10 minutes with the gimbal and camera doesn't seem possible without modifications. My local hobby shop has 3 blade props. I will look this week for something that might work but we probably are going to need a different motor style to get 15 minutes without payload.

Do carbon fiber props make much difference?


Hmm, was it this $90 battery?  (4400mAh Thunderpower)


I just ordered one and hoped it would get me to 15 minutes.  Perhaps not..

Would love to see test results from someone trying carbon fiber.  Or maybe custom 10.25in props (leaving just a few mm between).

It was the Thunderpro G6 pro 3850mah 45C. It was on the shelf at my local hobby shop. I know the G8 is out now but it costs even more. I get a solid 13 minutes with no payload. 

I have flight logs and battery charge logs for every batt charge and flight on the Iris if your interested. I've even down 15amp drawdown test with the Iris strapped down. That battery was 20% better than the stock batts. Might be able to get same performance on a cheaper battery. That's what I'm looking for now.


The G8 was also $90 and it's 4400mAh.  Glad to know I'm not the only one running tests with the Iris strapped down. :-)


I'll post the results when the battery arrives.  Did you choose 15amps for testing because that's the typical draw when hovering?

I have a set of 3 bladed props I am going to test out as soon as the weather gets better and I can find the time.  Also have a set of carbon fiber to try. I would like to try a set of the new dji phantom style props if I can find adapters. I think those may be the ticket.

I certainly would like to know how 3dr got 15 minutes of flight time from the iris. I cant even get ten, but I have not had anything close optimum operating temperatures yet

Hovering is usually 12.5 to 14 amps peaking at 15 amps in high winds so I picked 15 amps just to compare batts and run it till it hits the 10.5 vdc failsafe. Just some standard to go by.

I am going to change my failsafe to 10.7 volts since if you are 50 to 100 yards from your "home" when the failsafe kicks in, you can get below 10 volts by the time it lands. I want to stay away from busting the 3.3v per cell barrier. The batteries seem much warmer if they get to that level. I've disciplined myself to not fly up against the failsafe. I start a countdown timer and head back when it goes off. I also keep an eye on the battery via telemetry.

Please let me know how your 4400 does. If it gets to the 15 minute barrier I'll buy a couple.

 My logs are attached. I had 3 flights yesterday that aren't in there. My bench test comparing two stock batts and the Thunder Pro are there. The other sheet has all of the batt charges.

in my batt charge logs VBC means "voltage before charging". I check it with a fluke right before I charge. I just started putting that in lately. Batt failsafe yes or no means whether I flew until the failsafe went off or not.

I label my batteries with a numbering system. The stock batts are 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. The Thunder Pro is 2-1. Next batch will be 3-?. I'm using the first number for the order in which I bought them.



Hey Nitro, Are the Phantom props slow fly?  I have been told that the props from the phantom aren't configured for a slow fly platform... I am interested if we can swap them...

As far as I know there are considered slow fly. I will be giving them a try. The three bladed props I also ran on the phantom long before they came out  with the new phantom 2 and vision props. The performance was excellent with the 3 blades but I didn't gain any xtra flying time to speak of. I'm hoping they will work on the iris. The 1038 dji props work but they seem to be just as mushy as the apc .props.  You never know if anything will work unless you go out and test it. Only thing is a guy can sure end up with a lot extra parts that are useless!! LOL

Just FYI, I got 16 minutes in the air with my gopro, on the zippy 3s 5000mah.  I think it's only $50 bucks.



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