Has anyone considered or tried 11 inch props on the Iris?  What about 3 blade or 4 blade props?

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I got the Thunderpower 4400 today and it fits perfect inside the Iris.  It's just a bit thicker than stock.  It'll be a few days until I can test it.

How is the fit on the Zippy 5000?  Does it hit the LED on the back or rub the foam pads too tight?

I'm wondering how the Thunderpower batt costs $90, and the Zippy is only $22.90?  I did notice the Zippy was 100g heavier.

The zippy 5000mah is a little tight and a little heavy, but it works and gives decent times.  Granted you have to install your own xt60's, but you can also buy 3 for the price of the Thunderpower.

the TP 3900 is 1mm wider do you think it would fit?

Im going to move that LED. Its in a poor place. Ya think they could of put it up higher or incorporated it by the arming switch. Any were but were its at! Them wires are just in a poor place.

yes it will fit

I tried 9" 3 blade props and 4S battery. Flight characteristic looked under powered, I was going to do AutoTune but I couldn't trust props, (thanks HK) , center hubs were wobbly so I discarded the idea..

I just came back from a flight.  Iris, Gimbal, Gopro Hero 3+ Silver, Long Legs, and 250mw FPV Transmitter using Gopro for camera.  Flight time 5:30  voltage at landing 10.8v      Sure hope I can find a battery that will work.  If I could get 8-10 minutes safe flying time at this point in time I would be happy.  You really have to rush with less than 6 minutes!

so beau

was that  16 min with or without gimbal?

     confirmation needed before I order I was also thinking about 4S instead as the craft is quite heavy with gimbal +fpv gear


without gimbal. never will see 15 minutes on it with the gimbal, with the motor, prop, and battery combo that's on it now. even ten would be pushing it.

I tend to agree based on my own testing.. and I was looking for confirmation one way or the other from beau. I was actually getting ready to try using 4 CF rods 4 of them would make the diameter of an arrow shaft, as landing gear, I am also thinking about removing the top and bottom shells entirely and fabricating another deck on top with a mast for the GPS and/or fabricating  external battery holders for 2x4s at 3000ma.(depends on the weight). probably best to think about a bigger craft instead.

really should just build up another craft instead.


yep I am getting similar times and landing at 10.9v 600 mw vtx and 10 amp SBEC.

the battery Nitro is talking about sounds quite interesting wonder if they do it in 4S also...


Without the gimbal and without fpv gear.  Just a gopro on the front with the waterproof shell on.  Which, btw, is causing 'center of gravity problems' that result in bad altitude hold in Loiter and Alt hold, making it impossible to fpv anyway.   


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