alternitive designs for planes( will they conflict with ardupilots primary controls for fleight function)?

ive have been tossing around the idea of going completly of base with a plane design. foam , wood. carbonfiber, easly crafted into any shape i could think of . my only concern is with supplied programing can ardupilot be configured to any plane or is fleight control limited by traditional plane body style..also id like to know if people are working with no traditonal planes any body..Id personaly love to automate a model of (EDI ) from stealth. Or maybe even a horten??

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In theory, you should be able to use ArduPilot with any aeroplane, as long as it actually flies and has the control surfaces that ArduPilot uses. In practice, it may get rather tricky because the gains and sensitivities have to be adjusted to suit each airframe, so if your airframe is a weird shape, it's liable to behave weirdly, and will therefore require some serious tweaks. The Horten should be alright - I've seen a number of flying wing UAVs on this site. EDI will be harder, even without the crazy switchblade wing - it's not the most aerodynamic of shapes, and looking at it, I doubt it'll behave very well...
I plan to use a Predator B model for my project, how would you adjust adrupilot to control a V-tail?
And I was gona try to find a person or business that could custom build me a Global Hawk on a much smaller scale of coarse
I remember seeing somewhere that ArduPilot can handle V-tails. I think there's an option for it, or at the very least an extra section of code available somewhere.
Many many many times over people have explained why a Predator is a poor choice Anthony, you can do it, but its not the best way. Please search through here to find the reasons!!

Good luck with you airframe choice, if your new to RC make it something simple, otherwise all you will end up doing is taking your hard earned cash quicker to the scene of the accident.
Not another person wanting to use the Predator!!!

Give your head a shake!

Read the blogs!
oh i know. i was not going with design has not been finalized yet but it wont be a predator. i was intending on somthing a bit more biologocal in looks or even some vintege stealth plane design like the horten
There are many horten models around and lots of plans have fun.
@Jeffrey, I was directing my remarks about the Predator to Anthony Bee.
It seems to be the romantic poster-design for drones.

About other designs...Several members have worked on changing the PID settings, for example, allowing the ArduPilot to run well on other platforms.

I am no sure if there is a library of these customized settings yet.(?)
well from what ive read about ardupilot' in past postings. the most simple of set ups for it control ( rudder. throttle. elevator) im pretty sure even if it does not control more i will be able to work out my issues. as for the library of customized setting.i dont know. but it would be a good idea . maybe the ardupilot creator could hash one out for us
Actually, like many open-source community, the site is really meant to allow lots of customization and modifying of the code... if a person has a unique project, it is usually up to them to work out their settings and then share with the community, rather than placing an order for the guys to come up with a solution.

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