Hi guys, I have not followed the last release, so I got very upset when I updated my old, steady 3.2.1 Octa-Quad multirotor with the new 3.3.2. Of course I do realize that my system is kind of a mess, because I am using that multirotor for research and testing, so I know there are some vibrations and even some magnetic disturbances. Besides, the 3.2.1 had been flowing just fine. 

I installed the firmware, did all the calibrations (accelerometers, magnetometers, motors, esc..) and went flying. 


I attached the telemetry, but here there are some figures:

Throttle Out:



Accelerometer Bias

Here is the only bad result from an autotest:

Test: IMU Mismatch = FAIL - Check vibration or accelerometer calibration. (Mismatch: 2.61, WARN: 0.75, FAIL: 1.50)

I tried to play a little bit with the EKF parameters, but got worst, so I would like to share my experience for you guys can help me to find the best direction to move on and get rid of this (only) issue.


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You have vibration problem, check your props balance, your motors balance, If you don't solve, change your FC isolation

Isuffered that issue in the past and solved before balance all, dampening the FC with this http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__76727__APM_Flight_Contro...

Your clips have to be a flat line.

I see, I have just balanced all the prop and I am about to change the dampers. But still I wonder why the very same setup got no problem with the 3.2.1

AhAhah... funny, I just finished to print it out... I will test it next Monday. Thanks!

Many changes from 3.2.1 to 3.3 there are a param that you can play with like EXF FILTER or something like that to reduce the effect but you are going to have better results if you solve mechanical your vibes first; 3.3 is much better fw if you can solve your issue you can enjoy 3.3 and following fw. Here you can find lot of info http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/vibration-isolation-and-dampening...

Good Luck!

Another thing: did you tune or autotune it?

Hello folks,

I have the same problem: different board, different frame, different setup, same problem.

I have attached a log of my last flight in Rome with some wind.

Of course with previous versione (3.2.1) absolutely no problem with altitude


When you have vibs problems wind make the things worse, but your problem looks different, perhaps you need some better tunning, try autotune;

to see vibs level try to fly for a minute in hover and without wind

I think a lot of people spend a LOT of time on vib isolation when the main issue is balanced props AND a stiff frame. If you get those two things right you hardly need any vib isolation.  But that is odd when he went to 3.3 it had problems. Maybe a dev can point out why... I don't really remember that being a big discussion on the 3.3 thread do you? 

Vibe it's too high.
This is a normal Vibe

Some of ALT_HOLD issues are of stupid buzzer, that signalling all the time when switching modes or some other issues. In 3.2 there was no any buzzer signals, in 3.3 every event is sounded.

I had similar issuewith two Pixhawk controllers - look my post.

Did you recalibrate accelerometers after updating from 3.2.1?

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