HI- Ive been having a blast with my new quad but:

Question 1:  there seems to have a tendancy to lose altitude when any yaw is introduced. Granted, it's not extreme, but I had expected it to maintain altitude more exactly than it does. Is this a normal behaviour or one that can at least be addressed with some tuning, and if so, what values would one adjust to achieve it?

Question 2:  Should I add a sonar unit for greater accuracy? Most of this type of flying is under <30m, which as I understand it, is the floor for the barometric accuracy while the sonar is accurate to ~10cm whiile under ~ 30m?

Please tell me if these assumptions are incorrect or my expectations too great.

Thanks in advance,


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I should also add, that this is a consistant thing, not just thick-thumbing the throttle( errr entirely)

I am having a similar issue with the both my Quad and Hex (APM2.5 with latest firmware)

As soon as I apply any Yaw it will lose altitude.

Did you fix the issue? If so How?

Sonar only works with Alt Hold and loiter as far as I know.. (I have sonar on the Hex)

No such luck. Ive actually been rebuilding mine from the ground up with different escs and see if that doesn't help resolve a few problems with sync holding in the stock units flashed w simonk. Ill update you if that has helped resolve most of my issues.

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