Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Rolf, thank you ! You are the greatest, I knew this link but there was a mistake.

Now everythink is working, data from FCS-40 and data from Teensy !!!

I´m very happy.

Rolf, THANK YOU for this!!! ...I was looking for solution like this for quite some time.

One question, could minimOSD be used simultaneously with this? 

Yes, but you have to remove the TX connection coming from the minimOSD.

I'm thinking of connecting a Bluetooth board to the tx and RX pin on the ground. My aim is to create a telemetry bridge for tablets. With this work?

not only possible but this is how you do it :)  http://witespyquad.gostorego.com/flight-controllers/serial-bluetoot...

I used this on my dht-u diy module and it works great. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=150843209961
It came with 2 harnesses, one with a serial port and another with separate wires for ttl, rs232, and power/ground. Was already configured.

the one you mentioned is 3.3v logic, the one from ready to fly quads is 5v. are you sure you used it with apm? 

Yes sir, works fine on my Futaba T7CHP with FrSky DHT-U DIY 2.4GHZ telemetry Tx and FrSky FLD-02 Display. You are looking at the specs for the Bluetooth radio which is the tiny radio on the larger board. The larger board is the daughter-board with the big white DF13 plug on it that has a voltage regulator stepping down the 11v from the Tx battery, and also has the pinout for TTL, RS232, power and ground. The Bluetooth module is TTL 3.3v.

oh, I see you were talking about connecting it to your radio's telemetry port, I meant directly to APM/pixhawk, it is TTL 5v.   sorry for misunderstanding! 

I had this working within a couple of hours of getting my Teensy board.  Thanks a ton.

Hi, is it possible for this to work on 


I have a few of these lying around...

You have to rewrite the code and use the SoftwareSerial Library because your card is based on ATMEL Mega328P that don't have hardware support for single wire inverted serial communication .

Also you must check that the input/output is 3.3V for connection to the S.Port  

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