Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Thanks for completing my short reply :)

I have the PixHawk with the 3drRadio on telemetry port 1 and on telemetry port 2 I have both the Teensy with the line disconnected and the 3dr Bluetooth module in parallel. 

Lots of telemetry options :) but I was tired of plugging and unplugging the 3dr radio module back and fore between the computer and the tablet....

Thanks for the report. I've  changed the checked in version to look for the bmp's in /BMP now.

But remember that the code/scripts in master is experimental and will constantly change, and not always work. There are currently no stable release of the telemetry scripts.

Forgive me for posting this request here, but I am a Teensy 3.1 user and have used this project for several months now. Seeing how the devs on this projects git repo are making some great LUA scripts I thought it would somewhat fit.

I am looking for a LUA script that can take distance traveled data received by a Taranis using this project, and send to the Rx/APM/PixHawk a manual camera trigger event based on distance. I am aware and have used cam_trig_dist in missions on both my APM and Pix, as well as manual triggering via RC Tx. The devs for Pix/APM state they are not working on being able to manually start cam_trig_dist event via Tx as it would require too much rewriting of existing code.

Intervalometer scripts are ok and have worked, but none of the ones that I have allow me to start and stop the script via my Tx, and I am a fan of triggering by distance anyway.

It should not be very difficult because the camera trigger can be actuated by a channel 7 or channel 8 option.

It will be a simple reading of the Distance (which is calculated by the Taranis) and if greater than a pre-determined value toggle the channel 7(or8).


ps: you don't even need a script because a Taranis/OpenTX Logical Script can be used with the Distance value, so simply use a Logical Switch.


Ok thanks Luis, so I have:

Logical Switch 07

D>x   Dist   3ft   SB-   0.5   (no delay)


CH7   Camera   L7   Weight +100%   Warn(2)   Camera

Will test tomorrow with a 1m change in distance just to see if it works.

Is there a custom function that I can set that will fire every time the distance condition is met, so that I can have an audible alert every time the trigger is sent?

Hi John

I don't understand why you have SwitchB in the middle (SB-) involved on the condition to trigger the Logical Switch but you should know why :)

The audible warning (at least how I have mine set) I go to Special Functions and have SFx->Switch= L7 with Action = Play Track and on Parameters =a audio wav file prepared.

Don't forget to also set the Camera action on Mission Planner on the Channel 7.

Good luck

It's set up in the pixhawk on ch7. But for the SB- it's that way as I assumed the function would only happen when the switch is in that position. If I leave it as is and flip the switch to up or down there will be no trigger, right?
If this works then I will replace the switch with a dpst switch with center and one position stable and another position momentary. Have center be off, down for trigger by distance, and momentary up for single shot manual trigger.

Correct. I didn't knew if that was the intended behavior. 

On this Taranis/OpenTX thing with the scripting we almost forget that there are very easy ways to do what we want without scripts :)

I'm not sure, but I believe you could do without replacing the switch. You can program various Logical Switches to behave like you want regarding the control of CH7. With some Special Functions attached to those Logical Switches the voice prompting would tell you what is happening.

Or then using the SH switch by varying the time it is held down to switch the camera modes.

On RCGroups there's a gentleman (scott page) who knows a lot about the OpenTX/Taranis programming. He is a valuable (and knowledgeable) person on this matter. And "approachable" :)

Thank I will look into this and contact him.

Guys, I'm helping a friend to program up and cable a Teensy to do this task (mavlink to s.port). I've spent some time reading the thread and see it got quite a few code branches now. Since I have to program the Teensy and ship it off in the post back to my friend and want to avoid repeated postage back and forth, which is currently the most usable and reliable version/branch to give him ?


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