Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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today i have successfully  reproduce the Logical And Switch bug here. it happens also with my changed telemetry scripts without bmp files.  projectkk2glider from opentx develop team on github suspect an error in audio thread. i think that this can be true. hopefully they can solve this. do you know if there is a stable version of opentx available. older than 2.0.12 which works well with this mavlink to frsky converter and also with your telemetry script. maybe RELEASE-r2940? i have a film job next week and need an  stable working setup:(



You can't go back in versions. Lua scripts are quite recent.

I'm trying to help Andre (projectkksglider) debugging their audio issue (the audio issue is not the problem, is a symptom of a file transfer problem) and I've tried more recent builds and still my radio rebooted on non reproducible situations.

The issue you reported is time dependent ?? If so an easy solution would be that when possible (landed) you could switch the radio off and on. Unless you have more flight time than the time interval the bug appears..... :)

ok, thx.

the switch problem is not my main problem here. it is more that i do not trust my taranis in moment. i also noticed that my apm switches randomly to rtl. last week on first testflight with my new taranis, i crash into a tree because rtl failsave was triggered from my throttle failsave settings. imo, this only can happens if receiver lost connection to transmitter. but i was only a few meters behind my hexa??. i never noticed an reboot on my taranis. did i maybe miss something. what happens on an reboot. how many time need the reboot? if it happens in a few ms, i maybe do not notice this reboots.


ok. we're on the same "boat" :)

I decided recently to move my hexa to 3.2 RC14 and don't have enough flight time with it yet, but fortunately hadn't any issues while flying.

The reboot is simple and very fast. The only symptom is that by design OpenTX disables SD card access but we get control very very fast.

If your controller changes to RTL, I would suggest to check the flight controller logs before anything else. And what are your settings on the FrSky receiver for failsafe ??

Please check the failsafe parameters on the Flight Controller. There are several and we must be careful with how they're set. Also we must configure the receiver failsafe correctly, otherwise problems will surely come to bite us :). Oh and watch out for geo fence problems. If the GPS on the flight controller is not correctly initialized you bet that you'll have BIG problems....

So at the moment the least of my concerns is the Taranis.



As I didn't have enough issues on my plate, today I decided to change my gimbal controller.....  :) :)


I've read through the forum a few times. I had everything working correctly and was receiving telemetry back to the frsky. I went to boot up today and no telemetry to the frsky. I hooked up the teensy 3.1 to USB and used the serial monitor in adruino and I'm receiving data from the APM but the data doesn't appear to be being sent to the Transmitter. I haven't made any changes.

My setup is a Taranis Plus running 2.0.12 and the RC2 scripts. Is it possible that the output port has gone bad on the teensy? If it was just the scripts on the Taranis would I still see the GPS location on the subpage of telemetry? Right now on the Transmitter I just get a very fast moving mah reading.

Any help would be appreciated!

I was having trouble trying to get both a 3DR telemetry radio and a Pro Mini converter working with a Y-lead from the APM telemetry port - either one would work but when both were connected the 3DR radio would stop transmitting.

The problem is that the Pro Mini serial port isn't high impedence due to it being shared with the onboard USB.

I got around it by building a serial amplifier using a NPN diode and 3 resistors. If anyone needs it I can post a diagram.


You got this sketch working with a Pro mini ?

Yes it works well on Pro Mini, I think the only thing I changed was 'Serial1' to serial, since the Pro Mini has only one UART.

And how do you connect the sbus to the pro mini and at the same time  the telemetry port (coming from the apm) ?

Mind to share a schematic or picture of it?


hi, i create a new radar on taranis telemetry screen. this radar can display the position (relative) from home position where the vehicle is located, and it display the heading (orientation of yaw axis) relative to home position.

how it works:

if you arm your vehicle, you must stand behind your vehicle. than the display will show you an small arrow which point into the direction your vehicle is aligned. if you rotate the vehicle in armed status the arrow all-time rotate as the vehicle yaw orientation.

now, if you do not change your own orientation in flight you know all time the right heading of vehicle. second function of radar is to point out the position relative to home position. the small arrow can move around inside the small box. this movent show you the position of vehicle relative to your home position. also here it is important that you do not change your orientation while flying.

the image is bad because my handy do not get the display of taranis very good. but you can see inside the rectangle the centre point(home position) and the arrow which moves around and can rotate around. 

inside the video you can see the arrow jumping around. this happens because i am in my garage, and the gps signal is very low. outside and with better gps accuracy the arrow do not jump around. the radar automatic change the zoom factor depended to vehicle distance from home position. distance to home is displayed in the bottom right of the rectangle. also you can see that after arming the arrow starts rotating. i rotate my copter with the other hand. the arrow follow this rotation relative to my position and not absolute to heading.

testers are welcome. the rest of telemetry screen come from luis. i this version i only remove all bmp files to reduce i/o load of taranis.

whatever if interested you can download the telemetry script here. https://github.com/wolkstein/MavLink_FrSkySPort/blob/single-cell-li...

testers welcome.



Great work Wolke.

If only we had more pixels to play :)

Check your friend requests here.



ps: and more cpu :)


sorry for the noob question. i been through the threads cant seem to find the answer that i want. does the telemetry script work with Taranis and D4R-II receiver? why I ask this is i m looking to replace the newly iris+ flysky TX with Taranis. the flysky TX is mod opentx and the pixhawk has some sort of frsky FUL-1 connected in between D4R-II. i guess the FUL-1 is functions as the teensy i think.

To summarise my question I m just want simple solution to swap the Flysky TX with Taranis while keeping the original D4R-II telemetry working and load the Luis Vale LUA script to display the MAVLINK data. OpenTX for taranis doesnt seems to display the MAVLINK data correctly according to some forum. i have not own a taranis yet. but if this is possible and someone has done it i will get one to try.

thanks in advance. please guide me to correct location i if i asked at the wrong forum. 


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