Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Hi there,

I was wondering if it is somehow possible to share one telemetry bus on the pixhawk for two devices with a Y-cable. I wasnt able to get it to work. The idea is to have the Teensy in unity with the MinimOSD on Telemetry 1 or 2. I connected the teensy without the TX - so RX an GND only. And the MinimOSD as well but including TX. Teensy didnt work. I have also a 433 link on the other Telemetry bus.

Does it work in general? Do I need different code on the Teensy? Would be great to have OSD and feedback on the Taranis and a Bluetooh or 433 Telemetry link.

Any positive hints? Would be great :)


Really, that's good news. 

What is the file name for the new PPM encode FW, I could not see it on your file page just now ??


Hi all folks.

First of all, thank you very much for your wonderful job. It's amazing, but i need your help.

I've bought the Teensy board 3.1, uploaded the last sketch from Luis on it, copied all the files to the root directory of Taranis's SDcard and almost all work well; there are only two problem: First, i can't display the roll correctly. A3 and A4 are always 180. 

I've connected the Teensy and the xR to the Pixhawk on telemetry Port 1, without the 3dr Radio.

I've tried with different firmware on Taranis and on the Pixhawk, but the problem persist.

Second, i can't read the Mode from the Pixhawk; when i switch from Stabilize to any other mode the radio talk and say , for example, "Loiter Mode Activated" but on telemetry screen i see always the blinking "stabilize". If i arm the copter i see fixed "stabilize", but always this mode. Not others. And after 5 second i hear "Flight Mode mismatch". Anybody can help me ?


Fron Italy, i hope you can understand my poor english


I've tried with different firmware on Taranis and on the Pixhawk, but the problem persist.

please be carefully with older taranis firmwares than 2.0.13. because on older firmware for example 2.0.12 it can happens that your radio reboot unexpected while you execute the telem1.lua script.

Hi Guys,

I have this mod on my Walkera x350Pro and get the data, flight modes, etc to the Taranis great

However, I have been playing around with a second Taranis, re created the model, and it seems like some of the switches are already coded for some functions, and I would like to change it.

For example, I want to set up one of the switches on the right for simple and super simple modes, however whenever I flick the switch I get a voice 'mid rates selected, low rates selected, etc)

These sound files are not allocated (by me) to any switch, so I am assuming they are 'programed' in one of the LUA scripts.

Is this so? if so, which one? and what do I look for?




     tried this conversion and it works well


 But now the cli in mission planner is not working.

maybe i wont sell the sbus/ppm converter  just yet


AFAIK cli was removed due to space usage, since 3.2-rc1 9-May-2014

Hi Manuel Ribeiro

  Thanks for the information

and yes i did update the firmware  to 3.2 at the same time and wrongly blamed the sbus/APM conversion for cli fail.


Welll.... I'm removing my Teensy. This project is quite interesting, but has gotten way beyond me and perhaps others too. One complication after the next.

If you fly FPV with MinimOSD then you will be looking at your vid screen, and not FrSky telemetry data on the Taranis. So most of the features of the Teensy project are not very useful in that case.

I use FrSky sensors for cells, current, and vario, and use alarms/voice announcements on the Taranis. No point to have Teensy duplicate or replace that with the APM data. But dammit, there ARE a couple of APM data I WOULD like to have in Taranis so as to have alarms or voice announcements. But I'm not up to learning enough of your coding magic to write the sketch, and I wouldn't impose on anyone to do so either. I'd probably want to change it soon after, in any case.

What is needed, in my view, is a GUI similar to the one that programs the MinimOSD, making it possible to easily select which data you want to display via APM/Teensy to Taranis. And then a simple updating of the Teensy via USB. And so that it would not interfere with the data you select to display via MinimOSD on your FPV monitor.

This would make the Teensy project much more accessible to the coding-illiterate such as myself, and even make it much easier for you experts to program the Teensy in different ways for different projects/models.

Thank you Wolke. i've reloaded the 2.0.13

Nothing....i've tried all but A3 and A4 are always 180 and-180. I can see the orizon move on the HUD windows on Mission Planner, but not on the Taranis..... :-( Anybody has an idea  ?



When you have the Teensy connected to the PixHawk on port1, do you use both wires TX and RX. If used by itself you should have both connected.

Which versions of the firmware on the Taranis? you MUST have 2.0.13 or greater.

Which version on the PixHawk ? Arducopter 3.1.5 and 3.2 were tested and work.

The flight modes announcements have 2 steps. First when you use the switch to change the Flight Mode it says XXXXX Activated, and when the PixHawk reports the Flight Mode back it says the engaged Flight Mode on the PixHawk. If the modes are different then it says Mismatch.

There is no way to retrieve the flight modes that the PixHawk has defined so it's a manual job that one must edit on the first lines of the script:

--User configurable

Switches ={}
for i=1, 6 do
Switches[i] = {}

--These must be changed to correspond to what is defined as Flight Modes 1 to 6 on the PixHawk.

-- I didn't find a way to retrieve these automatically from the FC

Switches[1].FlightNumber=1 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L1 is 1 =Stabilize

Switches[2].FlightNumber=3 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L2 is 3 =Altitude Hold
Switches[3].FlightNumber=6 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L3 is 6 =Loiter
Switches[4].FlightNumber=1 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L4 is 1 =Stabilize
Switches[5].FlightNumber=17 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L5 is 17 =Position Hold
Switches[6].FlightNumber=12 -- these correspond to the Logical Switches defined on the Radio - L6 is 12 =Drift



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