Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Alf, I'm now in a position (like you with 4s Lipos now) to run 2 x FLVSS for the 2 parallel connected batteries. I am getting the supplier to change the ID on one of the FLVSS to 8 also. Czan I please ask you - Are you using Wolke's teensy/lua script specifically with your setup?, and if so is the LUA telemetry screen working OK with all 8 cells? I.e. is it reporting the lowest cell value from all 8 available cells properly in the telemetry screen, and are the cell alarms based on all 8 cells also?

Thanks, Paul


I am in the middle of a rebuild so I can not test right now. But as I remeber it was working OK, reporting the lowest cell in LUA screen and showed all 8 cells in telemetry screen.
I will report back as soon as I can test it again!! I think that the LUA reads the lowest value from Taranis array of cell voltages so that should not be a problem?


Alf, thanks for the reply. I see OpenTX ver 2.1 is now available with completely revamped telemetry. It now allows multiple sensors of the same type natively (it specifically gives the example of multiple FLVSS sensors for accessing cell values from multiple sensors).  I Just downloaded the new OpenTX Companion app and can see that the telemetry tab of a model is completely different with you having to now manually define every telemetry value you want to track - it looks a bit scary at first but I imagine once some usage examples start to hit the forums it will all become a bit clearer. I'm also hoping that the teensy/lua gurus like Wolke will look at developing LUA screens which work with this new telemetry. I really rely on his scripts so holding off on the 2.1 update until I know something on the LUA front is available to work with it.

so, that new 2.1 OpenTX model renders current Teensy code inadequate, is it a correct assumption?

Yes, don't install opentx 2.1 if you're using apm->teensy telemetry, it's guaranteed not to work from then on!  Hopefully luis/wolke will have a working version for 2.1 sometime soon.

No idea as I haven't tried it! From what I read though, it certainly changes the way that the smart port device telemetry is accessed from the Taranis itself. I don't imagine it will effect how the Teensy gets its data from Mavlink, as of course the components involved here (I.e. Pixhawk/apm and Teensy) have not changed at all (aside from new 3.3 Pixhawk f/w which won't be long from release, but nothing to do with OpenTX changes). As far as the LUA code addressing the FrSky telemetry streams fed down by the Teensy, this could be a very different matter. The new telemetry setup requires you to manually configure each data component you want access to at the Taranis end of the link - you give it your own sensor name, and configure it to a device ID and data instance number - so an example might be to set one up to access say the battery voltage being displayed on say sensor ID 2 (I.e. FLVSS), giving it a name, then on the telemetry screens you configure, you choose that name to get that user defined data displayed. Now, the LUA telem screen script has its own definitions for accessing the device IDs and the data they provide, and I don't know if they will still be valid under the new firmware telemetry model. This is the question! It may be that we need to setup the telemetry sensors in the new FW very explicitely to provide specific variable names for the LUA script to access this data. In any case I imagine some reworking of the LUA screens to get this to be compatible. This is one for the code gurus I guess!

What I would really like to see is the same Wolkenstein LUA pages to be available to work without the Teensy, as the APM code from 3.3 supports native Frsky telemetry output (you need a signal inverter between the telemetry output on the Pixhawk and the X series FrSky Rx, but no Teensy is required any more for translation using this telemetry output. The inverters are easy to make with a transistor and a couple of resistors, and can be wired inline in the cable. It would mean one less complex component on the craft with the same great telemetry screens we know and love!

is that teensy code an open source? does it have a github link to look at?

LUA script is not a big issue to adjust, I would think, but teensy side is a bit murkier to me, where it came from exactly. I think I only saw a pre-compiled firmware for it.

Hi luis

got little confused with the telemetry settings on the taranis

A1 and A2 settings do i have to change the parameters there ?

i have a 6s 10000ma battery connected and  i choose on power module Sensor in mission planer :Other.

the total voltage is ok  on MP and taranis but don't really understand what should be set on A1 and A2 ?  

my setup:

x8r +teensy 3.1+pixhawk+6s 10000ma battery

by the way my esc's are with bec so my pixhawk get voltage from power module and esc's too .

is this going to cause problems  ?

didn't fly yet but on the ground didn't see any problems yet...


I have installed Wolkes fantasstic script. but not getting a clear display. I appear to have the original default pages displaying underneath !  anyone know what I have done wrong? I have tried a fresh default SD card image, and copied the files across.

any help wopuld be rterally appreciated.  

The only way I can get the Lua script to appear under slection is to put it into mixes, and select it from page 12.. I sthis correct?


As long as you are on ArduPilot/Copter 3.2.1 and OpenTX 2.0.17 on the Taranis, you don't need to do anything regarding the Ax settings, as they are programmed by the telemetry script.

Regarding the ESC's I would tell you to remove all but one of the power wires, or better yet all the power wires from the ESC's leaving only signal and ground. 

If you want power redundancy you'll be better having a specific BEC plugged on the AUX lines of the PixHawk.

What firmware version are you running on the Taranis? I have 2.0.17 and it works fine in this version. If you have updated to 2.1.0 then this may be the cause of your issue as I believe that the script will not yet work on this (latest) version. I take it you are trying to access the telemetry screens using the long press on the 'Page' button? If so, then the telem1.lua screen should be the first one to load. 

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