Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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I checked offset.lua and it is written to allow the "BatCap Wh" value to go upto 250, but strangely, when I run the script on my Taranis with f/w ver 2.0.17 I can only set this upto 157. Try to go above this value, it returns to zero. Any ideas why? I realise that the value entered in this screen gets written as a global variable, and when I check the global variables screen for my model, I can see the value 157 in position FM2 under GV9, which corresponds with this "BatCap Wh" value. In the global variables screen I can then choose to increase the value beyond 157, but even if I set this to 250, the offset.lua screen still shows it as 157. Very strange! Maybe a firmware bug in 2.1.17?

Also, can I please ask for a feature request for the new version you are working on? I would like that when the "BatCap Wh" is set to 0 that this feature is disabled (at the moment, zero means zero, so setting this to zero makes the alarm sound right away.

Thanks for your awesome work, I am very grateful for your efforts and would be lost without your scripts.


Paul, I haven't tried 3.3 since RC5 and not even then did I pay much attention to Wolke's scripts. I am back to 3.2.1 just now. Hopefully Wolke will sort something for 3.3 and the missing voice files. I imagine he's busy working on a version for the new OpenTX version too which could be quite an undertaking!

Hi all,

I asked myself if it is possible to show Simple Mode, Super S. Mode and Autotune on the Taranis display via telemetry. I am using the scripts of Luis V. (with some smaller modifications) but i was not able to find out which value in the telemetry stream does contain this information.

The background is that Simple Mode was accidentally set on my system without being aware of it! This caused some major headache before i found out what the reason was for the strange behavior of the copter :)

Thanks for your help and happy flying.


So, I went over same problem not too long ago and found easier way to solve this.

Taranis will inform you with switch warning if you have left any switches in ON position after power up.

So all you do - you move autotune on to switch SA and simple mode on to switch SB, they are assigned to channels 10 and 11, and then I assigned those channels their own dedicated options- for autotune and simple mode.

all regular flight modes do not have anything set for simple mode, so only SB switch position controls this. this way you can turn it on and off and never can just forget it.

Super Simple I stopped using completely as it was glitching sometimes when drone gets close to controller and I do not need that at all.


I looked for that info (Simple/Supersimple) on the Mavlink messages and gave up at the time, and I believe that flight modifiers were not reported but I can be wrong (I often am :) ). 

I'll check if these were changed for 3.3.

Hi Paul and Luis,

thanks for your support. I also think this not easy to manage. May i try Pauls suggestion.

Have a good week.


I have been trying to compile this for weeks now, and keep getting errors, I have the teensy 3.q and arduino pro 328. I have copied all the libraries, reinstalled arduino, tried different versions nothing works, any tips???

Hello Wolke,

maybe it´s a good possibility to update also MAVLINK Library, the current used library is over a year old.

I needed to update mavlink lib on my fork (used it in another branch (led-control)) to use teensy also as led-controller.


Hi Clooney!

Can you add a link to the branch you are using, sounds interesting...


Updated Mavlink Library:


Led-Control Addon: https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort/tree/led-control

this is currently on development and currently just me.

Clooney,  do you have any documentation associated with your led control? Id be keen to know more. Cleanflight had awesome led control, then I moved to APM so lost all that. Would be great to use addressable leds to show telemetry info like armed state etc. 


which mavlink library revision did you use?



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