Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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I asked the apm devs about this and Craig Elder (head of 3dr engineering) has said he would be happy to host a central code repo within the 'official' diydrones github:


I think this would be a really great way forward for this project as everyone can work together on a common codebase rather than the current rather fragmented approach.  What do you guys think?

Sounds good. 

but who will do the teamlead?

this sounds really usefully for all. especially for users.

i am interesting to contribute. but i have mostly small windows of time to work on projects. so a job like an main contributor or leader is not mine.

i am not sure in which way other people like it to work together. i like the way that all contributors get the same rules. and all can decide together what happens next. git and github is imo a good base for such a teamwork. an organisation on github is simple created.

also to declare some simple rules, for example code formatting and release system make things more easy to work together.



Think we should have at the beginning 3 Admins/Teamleads.

Fnoop mentioned good candidates.

Later we can add or remove admins.
And we should define clear rules as wolke mentioned.

Yes  admins can always be added or removed later on, so probably a good idea to start with those currently contributing the most - personally I would think that to be Wolke and Clooney.  In the past chsw (Chris) and lvale (Luis) have contributed the most but haven't seen any sign of chsw lately.  I'd love to be involved but unfortunately haven't had the time to contribute much so far, although hopefully I'll do so more shortly.  Does anyone have good git/github kung fu?

One of the benefits of moving to the official code space is that I would think we'd be expected to follow more the standard rules of the main projects regarding code formatting, documentation, releases etc.

I do think this would be an awesome route forward for this project.

currently i think Clooneys repo is the most advanced one.

if i am right i see some re-factoring, splitting special functions to own classes. imo a good starting point. also the new sport class which is used there. so i think maybe clooney or i can create an github organisation where we start with clooneys fork.

creating github organisation... https://github.com/account/organizations/new . this is cost-free for open-source projects. imo an alternative way if starting to contribution on official dydrone -repo need an warm up or test period to collect all things together.

i do not test Clooneys new sport class here. mostly because less time and the need of a stable camera platform. in moment I have areal season with my commercial used copter which also is the apm copter. that mean there is less space to use the system as an test platform. hopefully that i earn enough to construct an second apm camera platform in future. then i can used the old one for experiments with new firmware (apm 3.3, opentx2.1). currently i have two taranis transmitter. but because opentx2.1 turn me crazy, currently run 2.0.17 on both of them. but one of them is used only for gimbal and camera control. on this one i will reinstall opentx2.1 next.

a general question is also which hard- and soft- ware should be the reference for this project?

pixhawk and clones, taranis x9d, teensy 3.1, ardupilot >=3.3 and opentx>= 2.1.1?




i currently follow the big progress on your fork. also on the lua side:). so i decide to discontinue my fork. this makes no sense any more and will confuse users. i change my readme.md shortly to "discontinued" and link to your fork firstly. also i will put some infos on it that we plan to collaborate (combine) this project.

if am am right your fork also hold the lua scripts and sd card structure which run on opentx 2.0.17?



I normally have a lot of spare time, but I have not been programming for some year. So if somebody take the lead, I can assist in the work...

I am trying to setup the single cell monitor... at the moment, I am trying to configure the software dividers.

I made the resistor network as provided in the readme and commented in the debug output. At the teensy inputs, I measured correct voltages of under 3,3V for each cell between A0-A3 and GND of the Teensy.

Unfortunately, I only get the following output via the serial monitor:

7314.00, 7163.00, 7107.00, 7222.00, cells in use: 4, , sum 15361

which is the same whether the Lipo is connected or not.

I just connected the Teensy via USB and the balance plug to the resistor network which outputs go to the Teensy.

What am I doing wrong?

@Clooney , would it be possible to have the bin configuration file, for the 2.1 version, i found that configuring only the telemetry tab is not enough , some of the field are shown blank, 

many thanks,

I couldn't find , the config for the rest of the terrines parameters , flight modes, input,  mixes,  output,  logical sw , special functions ,  then for example the two other telemetry screens are not shown, should I use the same config as in 2.0.17 ??



My fault was, that I didn't connect the ground of the lipo. In operation, the Teensy gets lipo ground from receiver.

I wanted to setup the Teensy without connecting everything. If you want to do this, you need to add ground from the lipo to the Teensy. Otherwise just setup while everything is connected to the copter.

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