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I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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I have been trying to figure out the same thing for ages, and have asked the devs of the minim-osd extra code to add a new piece of telemetry for this to work, but have had no responses. If you feed the RSSI (PWM) output from the X8R into the SB port of the Pixhawk, and configure the parameter RSSI_TYPE = 2, then you will get the RSSI in the HUD of Mission Planner by choosing and displaying the value rxrssi. But I have found no ways to get this RSSI value to display in Minim OSD (or any other OSD). I believe it would need a code change in MinimOSD to get this as one of the overlay options for the OSD.

One way to get it working indirectly, is to configure Ch8 in the mixer of the Taranis to have a source of RSSI. This will broadcast the RSSI out on Channel 8 and in MinimOSD you can choose the Ch8 RSSI option. Its indirect though as the Rx is sending that value down to the Taranis, and the Taranis is sending it back on Ch8 - so not very efficient, but works.

AltM is a calculated telemetry value that you need to configure on the Taranis model telemetry screen. Look in the Wiki under the heading "Nice to have values" here: https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort/wiki/1.2.1-Telemetr...

My fixes for the lua code for that copter217.lua has now been merged into Master on the Clooney82 project, not sure if there are improvents in the Master version now compared to that original copy I loaded in dropbox, but probably worth getting the official version from here: https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort/tree/s-c-l-v-rc-ope...

Cheers, Paul (athertop on github)

Ok, thanks! I did that AltM in Taranis as described. But the value is not "maxing", it is still moving as baro reading. So i was confused that taranis calculated max not showing maximum value of any sensor, but still floating as real reading

When you say its still moving, you referring to the display on the model telemetry sensors page? If that AltM value (the one you manually created) is not remaining on the max Alt, then this suggests an OpenTX issue, but strangely this works fine on my Taranis Plus running 2.1.7. All I can suggest is you check the configuration of that calculated sensor. Not sre what else you can check.

Sorry Worzel, I only just spotted your post.

Running this on an APM board is something I've never actually done. Always used Pixhawk myself, but I did some digging, so here goes! The SR_ values you need to adjust relate to the Telemetry port to which you have the Teensy connected.On a Pixhawk there are 4 UART ports, but on APM, just one Telem port is accessible through the plastic enclosure (another is accessible internally apparently with some soldering) so I assume you have your Teensy connected to the Telem port? I also assume that you don't have any other device also connected to that same telem port? 

In any case I believe the Telem port is controlled by the SR0_ parameters, so I think its these values you need to change as per the Clooney82 Wiki. 

If you have a second device connected in parallel on the Telem port, then you will need to be careful of the wiring and the SR0_ settings. All depends what other device shares this port with theTeensy.

Example 1 - say you have both the Teensy and a MinimOSD sharing the telem port, then you would be wise to not have either device's Tx pin connected to the APM. If one of these were connected, then you could end up having that device write its own SR0_ values to the APM, screwing up your data feed for the other device. So only have data travelling from the APM to the two devices, and no connection coming back the way. Then you would have to combine the SR0_ parameters that each connected device requires to be set in order that APM sends suitable data streams for each device.

Example 2 - If you have a 3DR Sik telemetry radio (or XBee radio) sharing the Telem port with the Teensy, then you need to make sure both Tx and Rx pins are connected from the Telemetry radio, but only have the APM Tx pin connected to the Teensy (and not have the Teensy Tx going back to the APM Rx pin) otherwise you will have a serial port conflict.Both devices run at the same baud rate (SERIAL0_BAUD = 57) so this sharing should work OK. You should manually set the Teensy parameters against SR0_

Hope this all makes sense.

I'm not getting any either. It is fixed on a value of 301. I dont think this is used in any case in the lua screen.

That's a very comprehensive reply Paul, thanks. OK so I have my teensy wired up as example 2 and I've set my SR values as per Clooneys setup thread. I'm getting data transferring with a solid red light. I have my Telemetry settings set up as per Clooneys but as mentioned above my telemetry page is not exactly the same. I'm just not getting data like HDOP or correct flight mode selection. Any idea how I might rectify this? Thanks again for the help.


HDOP comes in (along with 3D fix info and number of sats) in a numeric combination on Telemetry sensor T1. It may be that when you did the sensor discovery, T1 and T2 were created with the names Temp1 and Temp2. Check this and rename these as necessary (to T1/T2, as thats what the LUA script expects). I have some Wiki updates to be applied which explain this a little clearer - I'll ask Clooney if he is OK for me to make those changes.

Flight mode selection comes in on the Fuel sensor (by default sensor 8). If you look at the telemetry sensors model page and see if thevalue against 'Fuel' changes when you change flight mode. 

Thanks Paul. Still no joy. Can you provide the link to the right Hex file to upload to my teensy? I'm not sure I've flashed the correct one. Sorry to be a pain.

Worzel, If you have obtained a hex file, then its definitely not the right one, as the Clooney82 project does not provide a hex file directly. It relies on you compiling your own by following the Wiki, downloading the relevant Arduino tools etc. As a favour though, I will attach a compiled hex file here. This is the one I use very successfully. BR, Paul

Paul you're a star. I was under the impression these projects were interchangeable, obviously not. Really appreciate your help. I'll flash your file later and let you know the results. Many thanks again.
Hi Paul. So I've got telemetry now on my Taranis! - Very pleased. Many thanks for the file. My only issues are that my altitude is showing as -2 metres when armed which is not a mirror of what I'm seeing in MP and not correct and my HDOP appears to be displaying values back to front i.e. the higher the no of satellites I acquire the higher my HDOP value. Is there anything you think I can tweak? I did change the Temp values to T1 & T2 as you mentioned above. Many thanks.

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