Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Yes it was easy to get them all working - I just had to put the teensy first, and the minimosd 2nd with tx removed.

It seems the teensy is more reliable at requesting mavlink data than the minimosd perhaps?

I put my 3dr radio telemetry module on Telem1 as I am not comfortable putting them all on the same output in case of failure. I view the 3dr radio as my primary mavlink connection and the others are secondary.

Happy flying days!

Hi Fnoop,

Today I switched to the storm serial. Many thanks for your help.

hi luis

just noticed that you didn't configure RTL on your tx flight modes

any reasons for that ?

I kicked my hexa from home, so he won't Return to Home :)

kidding :)

RTL is on Channel 8 and on a separate switch that overrides all other Flight Modes :)


that one was good...

ok got it and sounds logical

I use wolkstein version. Is it possible to take turns with playing height/GPS/spped...etc voice?

I just study Lua script, I think that I can modify the model script to implement it. thanks.

by the way i am trying to setup landing gear with AC 3.2.1 is it possible ?

or only AC 3.3 is capable to do it ?

(don't want to update AC3.3 yet because i don't want to mess up  your lua script)

i connected the module of the landing gear to AUX1 on pixhawk but cant find the way to setup mission planer to trigger the landing gear

any help will be great...

Effy, landing gear control is only on 3.3. On 3.2.1, I have mine connected via aux1 but with that set to pass through so ch9 is fed through to that. It has no interaction with APM firmware though. I have tested 3.3 with landing gear and it works great on RTL. Parameters setup is a little different though. There is a guide here: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-optional-hardware/landing-g...

ok so can you explain exactly what you did on mission planer on 3.2.1

did you go to RC9 which is AUX1 and choose pass throw option ?

and lets say I want to direct it to ch7 on mission planer   what shell I do?

I need to control two things

1. landing gear lets say to ch7

2. led lights to ch8

Exactly, I set RC9_FUNCTION =1 and that passes through RC Channel 9 to the AUX1 output pwm port on the Pixhawk. Don't think you can do this with Channel 7 as the AUX ports are 9 thru 14. On 3.3 you can do this though - you can use any RC input channel for landing gear by setting the corresponding CHn_OPT, so in your case for channel 7 you would set CH7_OPT = 29, and to choose an AUX port for connecting the gear servos to by setting the corresponding RC9_FUNCTION to 29 also, so for AUX1 that would be  RC9_FUNCTION = 29. You then set the LGR_SERVO_DEPLOY and LGR_SERVO_RETRACT values to the PWM outputs required for gear down and up (respectively). I tested this and it works a treat. The only time I have seen the gear deployed in my tests is when I did a return to launch. When the copter is coming down and gets to the 5 metre mark where it slows down for the final descent (I think this is called land mode) the retracts operate and gear comes down.

Wolke, I need your help. We spoke briefly about this before. I'm referring to the siren operating on low voltage. I was flying today and the siren operated when I believe I breached the 3.6 volts 'warning' threshold (so I have my Warn,V/100 set to 360 in the cellinfo page. I have Crit,V/100 set to 330). The 3.6 volts only appears to have been breached momentarily, but the siren sounded (every 10 seconds thereafter) and would not stop! - until I shut down the radio. Is there any way you can please take a look at this in the code, as its a tad annoying , and I believe the fix would be useful to users of the script generally. Bizarrely, I have the Use Horn value set to 0 - which I thought meant that it should not play the siren at all, but it clearly does play the siren with it set to 0.

Thanks for your efforts - they are greatly appreciated and I think this is one of the best telemetry screens out there. Paul

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