Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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did you configure Mixer Script offset.lua correctly. you have to load and configure this script. and the last option "BatCap Wh" is important. this hold the battery Wh which can consumed. if this value is reached also an alarm will played all 8 seconds. this alarm stops only after shut down the radio.

 if you not load the script the alarm plays instantly because telm1.lua get an 0 for  "BatCap Wh". if you load the script without configuring  "BatCap Wh" the default value is set to 30 Wh. this mean the alarm will start after 30Wh consumption.

at least this scripts are well tested with teensy 3.1, single cell monitor active, opentx 2.0.15 - 2.0.17 and ardupilot 3.2.1. if you use higher software versions the scripts and teensy code do not run as expected. also the use of an teensy3.1 is recommended.




because support for ardupilot 3.3 and opentx 2.1. I will start rewriting my scripts and teensy code if this versions are in a stable status. i personally never fly with beta versions. that why i currently can not give any support in this case. 

Wolke, thanks so much for getting back to me. I totally forgot about the Wh value. It's probably set for my 3s batteries from my old copter. I do not have a Wh reading on my charger so the value I enter is calculated on Ah x nominal voltage, so probably not a completely accurate representation of the changing voltage of a cell during charge/discharge. Wondered why you use both Ah and Wh in your settings. Isn't Ah sufficient by itself?

i personally prefer Wh as indicator for battery capacity, or more exact "stored energy". at least ma/h do not tell anything about real consumed energy. W is dependent on Voltage and A which currently flow. at least the only real important information. and Wh is dependen on V, A and Time.



I think that when an alert sounds a great idea would be to have a status message which appears on the Telemetry screen to identify the cause of the alert. Would this be possible for a future version? I realise that the OpenTX Telemetry is changing soon so will likely need recoding of the LUA screens anyway. 

Thanks again, Paul

got it now

so in order to use 3.2.1 i can only use pass through witch is kind of regular servo channel not synced with the flight characteristic

v3.3 will do automatic landing and staff...

am i right ?

thank you for the help 

Yes, you are right. 

Wolke, I think I found the cause of the alarm:

Note the very large Wh reading - I appreciate that this field has grown to encroach upon the reading for mAh so I don't really know what value its showing for Wh here. How would I go about switching off the Wh display (and alarm) in the LUA code? I don't really have any purpose for it. Maybe I could just reconfigure the display to display mAh and Wh on 2 seperate lines, with a smaller font?

Also, How would I display the Cells value on there (from the FrSky FLVSS) instead of the value coming from the Pixhawk?

Thanks, Paul

Hi  luis

i am using your code and try to understand what is configured on ch6 ch7 and ch8

it states Adjust on ch6   opsion1-ch7  opsion2-ch8

what i plan to do until AC 3.3 will be released is to use those channels 6-8 for 

1 rtl

2 activate a buzzer

3 auto tune

is it possible because i get flight mismatch   ?

and last one do you plan to work on the 3.3 soon ?

thanks for your help


CH6- Adjust the Flight Modes



you can't change CH6 for anything else (Ardupilot fixed channel), and my code has no influence on what is chosen on 7 and 8.

If you get Flight Mismatch is because you haven't set the flight modes accordingly on Mission Planner and on the script.

I already have some versions that work with 3.3RC7 but I won't be releasing it until OpenTX releases 2.1.


Ok so i can choose what i like for 7-8 to trigger on mission planer

but didn't understand what is the use of ch6 - Adjust the Flight Modes ?

i see that all the flight modes work throw ch -5 .

about 3.3 good to know you already work on that 

we are all waiting  :)

You are correct, sorry.

CH6 is used to Adjust parameters.

On 3.3 you'll get not only CH7 and CH8 but up to CH12 to Options.

There's a recent development on the ArduPilot project, that might render the Teensy option replaceable with some coding :) 

I urge people to look at https://github.com/diydrones/alceosd

Just imagine OSD and FrSky telemetry on one unit :)

Hi, awesome code, i think im using Wolkes version

What i really want is the taranis to make a noise, or indicate when fail safe RTL has happened. I see it on the screen, but want an audioable indication. Is this possible? Also fo make an alarm when battery is low... im using pixhawk, with power module. Udeally woukd be good to audio of the revertive flught modes. Thanks in advance.

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