Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Fixed it, was getting it ti run by putting it in the wrong folder, mixes... deleted it fim there and put it in my model folder..yhen selecting it as you suggested with long press page.. perfect..
Im looking at the battery horn alarm in cell info. What do i set " use horn" to get it to sound on batt low. Also can i change the sound? Thanks for your help.

ok and what if i changed the parameters on those A1 & A2 

how do i go back to default setting ?

and for the esc's as i understand you suggest to cut all the red wires coming out from esc's and live only white and black wright ? 

It's easy. The script ignores what was set on A1 and A2 and configures them to what it requires. Last time I've seen there is no "default" value to these.

Regarding the wires, you can simply remove the pin on the red wire from the JST plug and use some tape to isolate it. No cutting/harm done to the wiring and completely reversible :)

Details about the horn settings can be found here: https://github.com/wolkstein/MavLink_FrSkySPort/blob/s-c-l-v-rc/REA...

Use any horn setting other than zero for it to sound battery voltage alarms. It will also sound when you exceed the Batt Cap Wh usage you have set in the offsets screen. This will siren regardless of the horn setting, so if you don't want this feature then set the Wh value higher than you will ever reach. 

OK nearlly there with this. How do I get the Tarranis to play sounds for the actual flights modes and status its in. I currently have custom functions enabled.


You need the sound files you should have downloaded with the scripts on your sd card of the Taranis. I have custom functions also set to read out the flight mode as I select it on my 6pos switch, plus once the Pixhawk has switched to a flight mode the Wolke script will play the sound to validate that the mode us now active.


opentx 2.1 is released. this mean i will start to porting my github fork. i will create an new branch called s-c-l-v-r-t-opentx2.1. here all changes for 2.1 will made. old branch s-c-l-v-r-t is for 2.0.xx Radios only!

personally i will wait 3-4 weeks before i install 2.1 on my taranis because the high amount of bugs which is normal in an first major release.  hoping for an first bugfix release in the next weeks.

if i am to be in luck, i get an second taranis in the next days for my kamera gimbal. for the gimbal only there is no problem for me to install opentx2.1. in this case i can start porting maybe in some days.

it is really hard to buy an taranis in germany. the item is currently sold out at all dealers:(.




Did you have a chance to look or consolidate audio files to match all possible messages from MP for 3.3 rcX versions?

I have more or less complete list but a lot of messages are missing, like all geofence related messages, EKF messages, etc.

It would be nice to have a full list in the telem1.lua covered so Taranis would speak in a same exact way like MP software does.

Hi Wolke,

I made some orders with this dealer:


It sends only on fridays to germany (drives the parcels per car to germany) but maybe its an option for you.

I got always very good service from him.



strange when i set ch8 to trigger RTL i can see it change on the taranis but it follows a "flight mismatch  " sound 

where can i fix it ?

also on ch7 i choose Auto Tune and when i trigger it i see on mission planer "autotune stopeed" 

is it normal ?

i am on opentx 2.0.15 and AC 3.2.1

Flight mismatch message is heard when the flight mode reported by the PixHawk is different from what is set by the switches on the radio (equivalent to the 6 flight mode slots).

As I don't consider RTH a "normal" flight mode, and it can be triggered by some failsafe events on the PixHawk, I chose to let it trigger the "Mismatch" message.

The Autotune procedure has a series of requisites to happen (see the wiki). After the vehicle is tunes you can assign CH7 to other things that might make sense to you.

Hi Wolke,

I modify your script to play voice of telemetry. I use the Switch D to enable/disable the voice.

I come from Taiwan, so some voices are Chinese, please ignore it:D

thank you for your script. Looking forward your new version for OpenTX 2.1

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