Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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hmm, it is odd as in my current sounds directory I have messages up to code 125.

this spreadsheet does seem to end at 98 - ready to track.

I always assumed codes come directly from ardupilot firmware - is it a wrong assumption? is it a teensy code alone that assigns a specific numerical code to a message?

There's a second spreadsheet that I couldn't attach that covers those codes.

And the sounds are most likely the ones I've created on a Mac using either AVA or ALLISON synthetic voice.

The codes are generated at the Teensy, where a translator function checks the text message sent by Ardupilot and maps that message to a code that is sent on the OpenTX telemetry link, because sending the entire text messages over the OpenTX telemetry link was not viable.

The parser is here:

OK, now I get it.

With new EKF changes I think most important part is to figure out what warning messages to include into this mechanism. 'compass variance' and 'velocity variance' are probably most important ones, 'bad ahrs' is not quite clear if it is important or not, then it is a bunch of EKF error scenarios that also probably need to be evaluated, as I do not think current script will say anything specific in a case of an EKF failsafe emergency landing...

here you go

Soy not to use The 3dr telémetry radios directly..¿

Hi Jakub,

is it possible to use the Teensy-Board with other S.PORT sensors at the same time?

Hi all,

currently some of later involved developers create an collaboration on github to improve the project and make it available for opentx2.1.x. and also apm3.3. in moment we work on porting to opentx2.1.x. apm3.3 improvements will follow. for example new 3.3 severity messages. 

please visit https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort .

BUT before we are ready to release our first version, we have to clear LICENSE questions. we open an issue to discus this. please see https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort/issues/29 .

we do not want to make errors here. so my question and an request at all developers which are involved and create code and media files (circuit diagrams, snd-files, how- too txt files), please visit our project on github and check if we currently use some files which we can not put under an proper license.

on the code side we are based on this history, most is github:

  * Original Author: Jochen Tuchbreiter (2013) under (GPL3)  https://code.google.com/p/telemetry-convert/

  * Improved by:  (2014) Rolf Blomgren & (2014) Christian Swahn  https://github.com/chsw/MavLink_FrSkySPort

   (2014) Luis Vale  https://github.com/lvale/MavLink_FrSkySPort 

  (2015) Michael Wolkstein  https://github.com/wolkstein/MavLink_FrSkySPort

  (2015) Fnoop Dogg  https://github.com/fnoopdogg/MavLink_FrSkySPort

  (2015) Jochen Kielkopf * https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort

Luis, Jochen, Fnoop Dogg, and me Michael aka Wolke are currently contribute to the new github project.

on the media side we plan to use CC license. we have a lot of images, tables and how-to text in our wiki, beside the small images and all the snd-files for taranis sd card structure.

it is important that each one who create media files also agree to this. else we have to remove this files and create new ones.

especially i mean some circuit diagrams and snd-files. many snd-files come from Luis which is also involved, but to ensure that we really not overlook something PLEASE contact us, or more easy, contribute to this ISSUE https://github.com/Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort/issues/29



Hey I did follow your instruction here.

And I went to this github: https://github.com/chsw/MavLink_FrSkySPort

But I found some issues there. And I made a fix by https://github.com/chsw/MavLink_FrSkySPort/issues/26

But now I am asking this: does teensy 1.0 support this feature? I am not having any teensy until now. But the compiling on different teensy boards has been valid. So can I assume teensy 1.0 board can do this MavLink_FrSkySbus work?




This looks very neat.

 I am getting there.

yes and no!

it work also on arduino pro mini and teensy2. but you need software serial on one message bus. also parsing severity messages is limited because less memory on pro mini and teensy < 3 boards.



I saw people from here talk discussing whether this work on arduino pro mini or teensy. I have a arduino pro mini by side. Haven't known where to find the code which is suitable for arduino pro mini (software serial on one message bus and etc.. ).  Do you think this project/product works? As what he claimed, that was for Arduino nano.

The latest project is by far only compatible with teensy 3.1 or later, which I don't have yet.

Do you know whether the project compatible with arduino pro mini is?



I am having trouble uploading the latest release to my T 3.1, I go to the lines to config it and I presume I am removing the '#' in front of the Teensy options? When I do this it wont compile. Sorry if I am missing something!



#include <GCS_MAVLink.h>
#include "FrSkySPort.h"

#define _MavLinkSerial Serial1 // Teensy2 = Serial1 | Pro Mini Serial
#define debugSerial Serial
#define START 1
#define MSG_RATE 10 // Hertz
#define FRSKY_PORT 4 // Teensy2 = pin 4 | Pro Mini = pin 9
#define MavLinkSerialBaud 58824 // Teensy2 = 58824 | Pro Mini = 57600
#define LEDPIN 11 // Teensy2 = pin 11 | Pro Mini = pin 13

Cheers, MIke

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