Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Thank you. I just do not understand.  Lost in Translation.) 

Да, всё будет работать. У меня именно так и сделано.
Просто сделайте от TX телеметрии Y-кабель к Teensy и модему. 

It is just a translation to clarify :)

Спасибо. Теперь надо сделать кабель который из apm будет идти и на Teensy и на radio module.

да вроде бы там и делать нечего - к проводу из комплекта телеметрии (у меня TX зелёный провод), припаять ответвление на Teensy.


Thank you Kirill for the translation. 

Thanks to community for this project :)
Very useful and easy to do.

народ, это уже устарело, Pixhawk  могет  сам посебе s.port, просто добавь воды, пардон инвертор. 

Artem - out of date? I know Ardupilot will now output native FrSky telemetry (I have tested this), but it only provides a limited set of data to work with, and I don't see any other project which provides a complete open-source solution like this (I mean an end to end solution including custom lua pages with verbal alarms/messages and so much info on one page). Unless you can advise otherwise of course? - always looking for new solutions to play with.

Paul, lua scripts are "on Traranis" so you can keep using them, just eliminate teensy. 

i mean, what else do you need?  voltage, current, gps coords, flight mode, altitude are already in the stream. 

If you need something else, for $2 you can get esp8266 and flash it with mavesp you will get full telemetry to your android/ios device to use with tower via wifi. 

Artem, I did do some testing a while back - I built an inverter and managed to get the native FrSky telemetry through from Pixhawk to Taranis just fine. I can't remember specifically now, but do recall that there was a couple of bits of telemetry missing from the streams which were important to get this LUA screen working fully. I appreciate that with modification I could get the screen working with this native stream, but I would need to fully appreciate what would be lost on the LUA page by doing this. I may revisit it again to see if I can figure it out.

I have however been playing with the idea of looking at LRS, and these of course remove FrSky telemetry from the equation altogether (even the Frsky L9R does not have the telemetry downlink), so I need to re-think my telemetry needs/solutions. I quite like the Dragonlink 3 which includes the ability to feed the serial telemetry through (so mission planner over the same radio link as control). And I also like the TBS Crossfire, but not sure how the telemetry link on that can be fully utilised - I need to do more reading on that one.

Thanks for mentioning the wifi module. I really need to look into this also. Does it have any effect on the 2.4Ghz control at all? 

Paul, so far the only LRS which does mavlink passthrough good enough is ULRS on openLRS hardware. DL being expensive is also REALLY limited as it doesn't have mavlink support and its RX's transmitting power is only 25mw. I've playd with it a bit thanks to my cousin who is "geek-shopoholic" and found that it went everywhere my DTFUHF running openLRSng went with the limit being my lipo  a out 17miles out and back on the same antenna types. Both had not lost a single control packet, though I stoped receiving return telemetry from my craft on DL at about 3miles and I had frsky telemetry downlink via DTFUHF all the way to about 8 miles. I haven't hD a chance to play with TBS crossgire, but it does have some powerful RXes, however it is missing dedicated mavlink support, which I expect to have similar effect as trying to pump mavlink via the serial passthrough of every non optimised modem there is on the market- huge packet losses about (%70 of packets are lost). That is is why there is a dedicated mavlink Sik firmware on 3DR radios and the earlier mentioned mavESP for ESP8266.  So far your best bet for mavlink+control in the same link is ULRS, though you'll have to build your own hardware (very easy amd open source) people report great results with it, Though I never used it myself. 

Hi guys, GREAT project!

I've created my own board for ULRS using the RFM23BP module and a 328P, I'm using it in a 2.4 -> 433 repeater with my X9E (so it's setup like this: taranis --[2.4]--> X4R --[ppm]-->ULRS input. MAV telemetry comes out of the serial port on my ULRS board and is sent to Taranis with this converter running on a Oshpark teensy 3.2.

Everything works great as-is but the RSSI displayed on the taranis is useless (it's just the rssi of the x4r receiver which I'm standing <10m away from at all times).

What I'd like to do is somehow get the RSSI signal from the ULRS to override the FrSky RSSI displayed, I see two ways to go about this (tho I'm not able to do the work of either so I'm hoping to find a ready to download solution)...


1. Wire the ULRS ground sides RSSI output to the teensy3.2 on a [random unused] input pin and have it send that with a different sensor id then in companion set the displayed RSSI to that sensor instead of F101 (stock RSSI id)

2.No extra wiring, just set the RX RSSI pulled from the MAV stream by teensy3.2 to a different sensor id then follow the same steps as above to set taranis to display that id in place of the stock RSSI id.

I would be happier (more trusting of) the first method but I'd be happy with either that's already been done as it's simply above my pay grade.

Thanks much and happy flying!

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