Hi all,

I just bought an FrSky Taranis for my quad copter and needed to get the Mavlink data up on the Taranis LCD telemetry display. So here is my solution using a Teensy3.1 as a converter between MavLink and the S.Port on FrSky X8R.

See attached file below...

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Yes, I have just made.
Thank you.

Rolf, can you embed also the Jeti protocol? :)

Rolf, I've just ordered x8r and teensy and planning to use your program on it, however, I am new to the arduino/microcontroller programming, I used to program in java and in c++ back in school and right after the school. So I am not new to programming, but certainly new to teensy. I need to grub some data from the mavlink, reduce its bitrate and send it to a FSK modem. would I need to use digital or analog pins to write to FSK? and if you happen to know an example of anything remotely similar to what I am planning on doing I would appreciate a link. 

Thank you! 

p.s. I think I've received an email update from diydrones forum bot about you mentioning possibility of using teensy to convert s.bus to ppm. I do think it should be possible, however, I do not know a thing about s.bus protocol. It would be very elegant to use just a single board. 

Hey Artem, 

There is already Frysky S.BUS to CPPM converter for single cable connection. Not sure if this is what your looking for:

 http://www.alofthobbies.com/frsky-sbus-converter.html for around $13.


I am talking about illuminating that very cable :) since we are already using teensy, why not use it for its full potential? 

ah,, looks like we won't be able to do 2 things at one, (sbus-ppm conversion and frsky telemetry) it looks like teensy 3.1 has only 3 UART ports and for this we need 4. maybe the next ++ version will have 4 UART ports? 

Not sure that we need that many serial ports, the PPM output can be an standard IO pin.
This is some code i found https://github.com/sebseb7/SbusToPPM.

genious :)  looking at the main.c right now.... 


I am looking for a way to do the oposite :)

Convert SPort sensors data into MavLink to use it with an OSD like minimosd. Basically to see the sensors data on fatshark googles.

Hello Rolf,

the program works fine.

But I miss the display of HDOP data. Can you integrate that?

regards Peter

Nice work Rolf!

Would I be wrong to assume we could do this inboard the flight controller if there were a spare uart port? Such as the pixhawk?

I have a taranis, x8r and pix hawk and am willing to try this. Do you know of anyone that has done this?

I have no experience with the Pixhawk so I can’t help you on this. The only thing to have in mind when porting this program to another CPU is that the serial port must be inverted,


Hi Peter,

No problem, do like this:

First declare an variable:

uint16_t ap_HDOP;

then change this in the MavLink_FrSkyPort.ini file

       ap_fixtype = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_fix_type(&msg);                             
       ap_sat_visible =  mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_satellites_visible(&msg);      
       gps_status = (ap_sat_visible*10) + ap_fixtype;

       ap_HDOP = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_eph(&msg);  //   horizontal dilution of position in cm

       if(ap_fixtype == 3)  {
                ap_latitude = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_lat(&msg);
                 ap_longitude = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_lon(&msg);
                 ap_gps_altitude = mavlink_msg_gps_raw_int_get_alt(&msg);   


Then you can change the FrSkySPort.ino depending on where you wont the returned value to be shown,

for example as the FUEL value:


             case 19:




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