An EDF driven small aerial vehicle for fun and relaxation


only lurking is no fun. So I got myself up and to post some of my ideas. I have built model planes all my life and electrics since the middle 70s and ducted fans (with IC) even earlier. To put fans and electrics together I had the best teacher one can imagine: Charly Binder, who built the first EDF using a Kress fan and a Geist motor.
I had some "diversions" lately but now I want to get myself a new EDF plane and since I also want to try FVP I thought to combine the two. This is a different plane from the one I described in another thread.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

Have fun...


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Hi Michael

why ARF? Try to make one yourself!! I have just started a blog where I will show and explain how to do it cheaply from foam, a few plywood parts and figerglass. Anyone can do it.


BTW, do you still do laser cutting?

I read in one of your earlier replys in this thread you would like to be able to do 3D renderings.
You might use this this link to download Alibre Design( ). I tried out the demo last spring and really liked it.

They were running a promo were you could buy the STD version for $99 andI bought it last month.I dont know if it is still going on. I have no formal training in drafting so my skills are very poor but I bet you would pick it up very easily.

At any rate you can get the 30 day trial for free at this address:

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