I've been looking around the forums for the android GCS. There are several threads but all seem to be halted. Is there still progress on the subject? The Mission Planner has become a nice little jewel so why not jump on the android wagon? 

IMHO it would be a great addition to the arducopter project. My idea is to put an android phone on top of the RC TX, bridged bluetooth to Xbee, and you would have a direct wiew on the HUD telling you the quad is armed,etc. Also mission planning would be at your finger tips. Don't forget the mobility and battery life of the system.


Wouldn't it also be a user friendlier system than the ardustation?


Over at Autoquad the development is going strong.


So .......... pleeeeeeaaaaaase

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There has not been any activity there for quite a few months now.
There is a version for mavlink 1.0 but it does not work.

I built this one:



based on Bart's work, maybe you could contact him to update the GCS to the latest version.

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