Android Tower: how to show the altitude in the main screen?

I'm sorry this is probably a very stupid question, but I couldn't figure it out...

How to show the altitude in the main screen?  I can only see the climb rate (hs m/s).


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The image here shows where the alt is on the main page

There is some tower documentation

And there is more discussion on the new discussion site

Ok now I'm feeling really stupid. The screen I get is this one.

Even in the wideget customisation page, I can't find any mention of the altitude... What I'm doing wrong? I have version 3.2.0.

I can't view a webp file.. Can you post a screen shot.

Here you go, I've posted some screenshots, I can't find any option related to showing altitude...

I've also tried the beta version, I get an error indicating me to upgrade 3dr application. I don't need the features in the beta anyway!


Ok maybe I have an idea, I use a APM 2.0 board, so I'm limited to the latest compatible firmware on this board.

Is it possible that the altitude and other missing parameters are sent out with a different format? They are definitely read by the windows mission planner though.

No help? :(

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