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Hi ya'll,

The thread on my blog post is getting a little unmanageable.  How about we discuss test results here instead...  

I'll also post release notes as new builds are out.  The device must support 'USB host mode' (most devices running android 3.1 or later are fine).  You'll need a 'OTG' adapter such as this

Please post feedback here or on the github issues site - the google play comments are not really useful yet.

Hi ya'll.  Please move further discussion of this app to a newly created group:

Feel free to make new approprately titled discussion threads.  

Future app releases will be announced only there.


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New release 0.1.29 - see first post for a new screenshot...

* Add an overview panel - make it the default panel

Icons file attached. Let me know if you need anything else - or if you need changes to these. I gave you some options with the quad/hex icons.


wow!  They look great - I really liked elegantly you styled them.  I'm sure trying to figure out appealing yet informative waypoint icons was hard...

vehicle and status msg have no data here.plane has mode and altitude only, in rc ch the rssi is 0

What ver of Arduplane in APM are you using ?



here is a screenshot


I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE today, downloaded the app, plugged in 433mHz Radio and there it was. This app is almost too easy to fall under DIY. Thanks a lot! Great work indeed.

It shows I have version 1.30. Some suggestions:

Nothing displayed in status or overview windows.

Parameters had lots of ??? questionmarks. When I unplugged quad power and plugged it in again, the parameters wouldn't display again. I tried closing the app, disconnecting everything, but everytime I open the app again it just shows the timer signal in the paramaters window. It also wouldn't display my home position again on the screen.

On original connection when I saw parameters, I didn't find compass learn or waypoint speed. It would be nice to be able to change them.

I've found the live calibrarion feature useful in Mission Planner. Another nice to have and maybe easy to add?.

Hi Kevin,

I'v tested the app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and works quite well.

Are there plans to alter the PID settings via the telemetry link?

This would be very usefull as now I have to take a laptop with me while a tablet is so much easier :-)


You can do PID adjustment, I do ;)

Look portrait view, list at right side, slide this between 3 different views. Click on parameter and change on the fly.

This beautiful app will only show you options who are enabled and active (APM must be connected). This way you never get busy or confused with options not for use.

Very nice thought Kevin...

Oh very nice indeed.
must have missed this one.
Will check this evening :-)

Thank you

Look at images in post from Kevin above...

Hi Earl,

It looks like whoever made the ROM for your device did something funky with the color settings.  Notice how your Overview panels are black and mine are white?  I suspect they were trying to make things look 'cool' but unfortunately I'm drawing my text in black.

I'll make a bug here:

To see if there is anything I can do about it - but probably won't get to it until at least next week.

for the time being the 'info panes' (including parameters) only show in landscape orientation.

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