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Hi ya'll,

The thread on my blog post is getting a little unmanageable.  How about we discuss test results here instead...  

I'll also post release notes as new builds are out.  The device must support 'USB host mode' (most devices running android 3.1 or later are fine).  You'll need a 'OTG' adapter such as this

Please post feedback here or on the github issues site - the google play comments are not really useful yet.

Hi ya'll.  Please move further discussion of this app to a newly created group:

Feel free to make new approprately titled discussion threads.  

Future app releases will be announced only there.


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Any chance you can try upgrading to 4.0?  (besides ICS is a lot nicer than Honeycomb ;-))

regarding guided waypoints, ; that must be your apm setup, check the acceptable radius of target.

Kevin, can I repeat how amazing this all is, well done! I've changed my ROM and your app works fine now.

In your changelog it states: "Inbound UDP now works:" does this mean one can use a laptop and connect a phone to the laptop via wifi and get mavlink data through to the phone?

Everything looks great, space is a bit itght of course on a 'small' 4.3" phone screen but it looks and works really well!

Working on all 4 android 4.1s - you are amazing kevin !!!!!! vizio both acer tab 500s samsung galaxy 2 and 2s....

If you can't get ICS as a automatic update for your Thrive, there are some really good ROMs here:

Just pick the one that looks closest to your needs.  A rooted ROM will give you more options later, including upgrading to JB, if you really want to push your luck.  There are some issues with 3G versions and some non-US models can require extra steps.

Yep.  You should be able to run mavproxy on your laptop and forward UDP to the tablet (so no need to hook to the USB port on the tablet)

Yup, I am running it on laptop and forwarding it works well. Great at home when your doing test in the yard and just want to lug around the tablet :) 

Ah OK thanks!  I did skim over the pages, but you know how quickly these threads grow.

oops - I think there is something a little funky in that ROMs pixel scaling.  I'll fix that bizarre formatting in the next release.  Thx for the screenshot.

Hi ya'll,

So a question for you: Are there any major features that are missing?  I think my queue of remaining items is pretty short...

  • Add handling of the more unusual waypoint types
  • Support loading/saving waypoint files (is there a standard suffix?)
  • Support loading/saving parameter files (is there a standard suffix?)

I know there is an (almost unlimited ;-)) list of 'it would be nice' features (please feel free to add more).  But I just want to make sure all the major stuff is wrapped up before I call this a 1.0 and move on to some other things.

i purpose a small google map picture in the hud window.

It will work like a camera shooting the ground but it is only a google map view


Kevin, you seems to be a very good developer.

>> Kevin software , when yours dreams become reality /p>

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