I would like to add an Angle of Attack (AoA) sensor to my APM2.5 and downlink the data via my 3DR radio to the APM Mission Planner.  However,my mechanical and aerodynamic skills are much stronger than my programming and electronic skills.  Is there an easy way to read in an analog (0-5v) sensor and down link the data to a ground station.

I have determined a simple, lightweight, low cost way to make an AoA sensor using a small magnet attached to a low friction weather vane and hall effect sensor to read the magnetic field.  The analog output can then be calibrated to angle of attack.  It appears that this data could be read in on A1-A4 ports (similar to how the airspeed or voltage sensors are read). Is this possible?  If so, what is required to get the data to be sent down in the MAVlink messages?  The ultimate goal is to have the data recorded in the .tlog file along with the other information coming down the link.

Thank you for your help.

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Has anyone calculated how much force that is needed to rotate the bearing and potentiometer?

that force should be equal to the moment that your windvane produce of the error angle. So if we use a naca 0010 airfoil as the windvane, we know the cm coeffcient, and we can measure the friction we can then estimate how accurate our windvane will be right?

Has the project ended? Any available public result?

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