I've got a stock 3dr kit that I've just finished putting together, and it tries to flip on takeoff. I'm running x config. Arducopter 2.1 firmware.

I've run through the troubleshooting steps: checked motors with the cli motors command (successfully), made sure the correct props are on each motor, calibrated the radio and verified that the correct inputs are reaching apm, but I still cannot get this thing to take off or fly at all correctly. Apm is facing forward between the front legs, and the movements seem to show up correctly in mission planner when I move the quad around while connected to it.

If I give it a smooth throttle increase, it won't take off flat, it will just tip, so I back off the throttle. If I give it a burst of power, it will take off, but will dive off to one side and crash (just busted my first prop...)

I've run the imu test with the following results:

g   0.0209   0.0000  -0.0000  a  -0.1157  -0.0463  -9.8016.

I have downloaded logs from the last couple of flights where it was tipping when I tried to take off, but I can't figure out how to interpret them. If anyone could give me a quick rundown of the best way to view/read them that would be good. I have attached the log.

Are there any other diagnostic checks that can be run to find out what's going on? I saw another thread where someone was checking the watts of power delivered by each esc to each motor to verifiy that a esc/motor not running at full speed wasn't to blame, but I'm not sure how this would be done.

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Personally I can't remember how I fixed mine, It was probably something stupid like a reversed motor. but I would suggest double checking prop rotation and correct prop. Also, check all connections and security of all parts and wires, especially the flight controller. These machines operate in hostile environments.

Run through the set-up/calibration and check using the APM false horizon - remember that dipping forward causes the horizon to rise, not fall!

Double check your transmitter calibration. Ensure that all trim is zeroed: do not trim the Tx

Ensure that vibration is minimized, e.g. balance your props! I normally use sellotape. Cut a small piece and lay on the edge of the prop, stick it down when the correct position is found.

Set the defaults to "beginner", fiddle later , give yourself lots of space ;)

Best of luck

Ok this is how I fixed my flip problem with Pixhalk simple reload the firmware calibrate ESC 

Hello, i had the same problem. After hours and hours solving this problem - reinstal firmware, calibrating, checking props and motor directions i found out my APM is on drone mounted reversely.... :)

I also have the same problem. My copter flips when I raise the throttle. My motors and props all are as described in the Documentation. Can anybody help me out?

Usually the problem is pretty simple Abbas. Have a read through the items above. Check out the reply directly above yours, and the others. If nothing stands out, start again  from scratch, remove props, disconnect motor wires, remove your controller. Don't rely upon one source for your info, There are mistakes one the web!

TAKE YOUR TIME, make a check-list and try to understand what you are doing at each stage.

A useful technique (but potentially dangerous - so you didn't hear it here) is to hold your drone, give it a little power, then gently twist it, pitch and tilt and ensure that it fights you, rather than aids you. Try with the props off first and study the motors.

As I said above, set all of the settings to basic or simple, don't try to run before you can walk. Only make one change at a time and record what you did.

BTW, You may also find that trying to take off too slowly can cause issues.


I also experienced this problem. I was trying firmware 3.3 after upgrading from an earlier version, on a genuine Pixhawk, some time back. After much searching I found a discussion telling the inquirer to reload the software by first loading a version of plane firmware then going back to copter. I loaded the firmware for plane then since many months had passed and 3.4 was now available, I loaded that on to the Pixhawk. I took the quad outside and it had never flown that good before.

To summarize, I switched to Plane firmware then loaded Copter back on, took it outside, and it took off and flew excellent. I still went through the tuning process but it was very close with out of the box settings. Good Luck with finding your issue.

Also, Adrian offers some excellent advice.

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