Hi Guys -

Just thought I'd post this here since it uses an ArduIMU module as its brain.

This is just a standard balancing robot, using a kalman filter on the y axis to calculate absolute angle and then just a simple PID controller to send values to a Pololu Qik serial motor controller.

I am trying to make it more stable, etc. and am considering possible adding rotary encoders to the motor shafts for closed-loop control.

The main purpose of this project is to increase my knowledge of angle estimation and PID tuning so that I can implement auto-leveling on a quadrocopter. This balancing robot platform is much easier to test than a flying platform.

I have a better quality video that I will try to post soon. If anyone has any interest in better pictures or code, let me know.


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The frame itself is a balbots kit that i purchased a few years ago (http://www.balbots.com/product_info.php?products_id=47) and just never did anything with (company went out of business so i couldn't buy their balancing electronics). I saw the frame sitting in my closet and thought I might as well try to get it working with my ArduIMU!
Nice jamie!
could you share your code as possible?

I wanna try this. share your source code if you can? Thanks ahead


If anyone has any interest in better pictures or code, let me know.

Yes, if you have any code, working or not, please zip it up or post somewhere and share. Don't let your work go to waste and die a dead project with 1 video and no way for anyone else to not try it or make it better.

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