just want to say hallo to everybody and do a short introduction myself.

I build and fly modlellhelicopter since arround 25 years. I'm a typical diy man so I built serveral helicopter/rotorheads from scratch. Also I've built a turbine last winter. This project is still on progress beacuse I would like to build a 2stage turbine.

My hobbies are also electronic engineering.So what would be a better than to Combine both worlds with UAV.

I've built my first drone last Weekend. This morning I could do the first flights! WHOOO!! Absolut amazing. first short stabilize flight, then Loiter testing and in the end RTL ! just flew one battery! So back at home I read about a lot of instable flights and crashes.......Bad idea to read that :-(


So I did sveral improvement like Randy recommmended.  

went down with the LOITER P to 0.2 went down with alt hold to 0.5 and so on!


Did I fly togehteher with my son! that ist the order I flew this single accu Stabilzed--LOITER--RTL---LOITER---Stabilize--RTL---Stabilize and before I could land BOOOMMMM...a flip to the right side and Crash into the ground on the asphalt! BOOOOMMM. Crashed Propellers and more...

strange, strange, strange! well I have to check the logs....


best regards Lukacs




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OK here are the Logs...

HW: APM 2.6 Set with external Compass and uBlox LEA-6

APM Power Module



Hi all

did an analysis of my logs! Seems to be PPM glitches on Roll! So I have to figure out what would solve this problem! I use a rsat2 from Jeti! after lot of reading maybe I've found a solution. Here a really good article: http://forum.autoquad.org/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1951

maybe that helps others...

Will gonna test that!

Regards Lukacs


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