Does Mission Planner have a vide window.

I ask becuase I have Windows based Tablet, Rugged field usable type that I am going to use as my ground station. It has USB connectivity and I am going to pump Video to it from my hexa. I can use the PC as a dvr for instance as well as dealing with telemetry.

I wondered if Mission planner had a video window through which I could pump the vid to. Then I would have all the data in one spot, on a nice handheld device. Neat and clean no caffenine.


Let me know please if anyone knows.

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I believe that the MP does have a video window function that can overlay the HUD in the Flight Data window. Here is the wiki link on how to accomplish enabling that function:




Thanks Guys.

More things to play with. Wa hooo.

What a great hobby

Hey dumb question, but is it possible for pcs to pass mission planner data back and forth in real time.

I thought maybe it might make more sense to explain what I am thinking.

I am considering building an antena tracker., The technology is easy enough to build, Mission planner as the brains, couple of servos, controller and a patch antenna and off to the races.

Thing is, I found an in car pc for a couple hundred bucks, built in wifi and lots of USB ports. So I get to thinking.

Load mission planner and let it run the tracker. Not cheap but not real expensive either.

So add in a Video Capture card and connect it to the FPV video

Also add in the USB 3DR reciever.

Now you have a small computing device that has telemetry, and video.

Now since its wifi enabled, one could make a peer to peer wifi connection and stream the video to my tablet pc, easy peasey

Here is what my tablet looks like, about the best dang field usable pc I have ever seen.

Run's mission planner, has GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, works rain or shine.


However what I don't know is, how to deal with Mission Planners telemetry.

Its just a thought.

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