It's so sad to see all your hard work fall from the sky like a rock.  This past Friday after work, I tried to fly my usually circle flight plan at a field next to my work.  Everything seem normal, I switched to ALT HOLD and then switched AUTO and off it flew to waypoint 1 at 20 meters right in front of me.  It had a 10 second delay, which it never finished.  I'm not sure yet what happened, but it just fell like a rock.  It landed upside down and damaged 3 arms and 3 motors, plus the stack on top broke all it's supports.  About $90 of parts, which I ordered Saturday.  And, I'm happy to report my order from 3DR has shipped tonight, I should see them Friday. I'm really happy they turned my order around so fast.  Brownie points to 3DR and staff.

Now can someone give me some pointers on what I should look for and test to see why my copter failed?  I really don't want to fly again until I figure out what went wrong.  Last week I had tuned my gimbal thinking it was causing power problems and some weird twitching and 1 minor crash. I recently just added 3DR power module and pulled JP1, hoping this might help with power issues.  I had 2 successful flights and now this crash.  I also have a 5 amp BEC plugged into the output side of APM, plus 3DR PM.

I'm sorry to say the GoPro failed to capture the last few seconds of the flight.  Bummer, the last time I had a brownout the GoPro showed a great tumble to the ground.

I've attached my tlog, kmz and log files for review.

Firmware is 2.8.1.

Recently balanced props and mounted APM on foam corners.  I was just about to upgrade to 2.9.1. :-(

Thanks for the support.


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You know that, I know that, but too many new users would see the diagram as absolute and connect the hardware as shown.  Guaranteed.

It does, but when we have advice that it should be connected only to the signal pin, it would be better to show that.

The diagram is great, with a few tweaks we should add it to the wiki. Rich?

I've updated the file and uploaded the orginial Open Document drawing as well.Hope this helps.


Much better.  One little nit, though, don't cross the lines.  I took liberties with your drawing - first time using Libre Office Draw, so it's not pretty.  I could not get the line to the Sonar to be continuous.  Tips on drawing connections would be appreciated.

Note - any comments or changes I recommend is only to preclude confusion by the newbie.  I should know because I am one.


is it really need to remove the JP1? sorry for noob question. I am just a newbie about apm and i am trying to build a quadcopter. My problem is the connection of the servos to UBEC when i try to connect the UBEC to the power distribution and then i connect the servo + and - to UBEC the servo move and then it start smoking.

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