Hi all,

I'm familiar with RC and I'm familiar with the various types of antenna but i've never built/played with antenna tracking sytems before, so i'm practically starting from scratch [aside from what google has told me]. 

I was looking for something that I could use for FPV, but also to mount a camera on.  Eventually there would be a camera on the UAV AND on the ground, but we'll start simple and just initially on the ground.  It's also fine if there needs to be two ground mounts (due to servo torque/space/power etc etc).

Apologies for the nub question, but i'm hoping someone could perhaps shed some of their experience on this matter.




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The ArduStation can control a ground antenna tracking system. 

Thanks Chris - i'll have a look into that. 


As an edit - I was looking at building something like these examples...




No idea about the ArduStation, your link is old...but I was under impression an older ArduPilot could be used..  is there an established build link on this that I am not finding?

David, if you use telemetry to a laptop, mission planner has a built in antenna tracker. You just need a simple 2 channel servo controller.  if you have a laptop, it's really simple has worked great for me.


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