I was wondering if there was a simple built in way of streaming the GPS data of the plane out of Mission Planner into Plugin software to drive a RS-232 Antenna Tracker system? 

The info that is needed is Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude. I have a friend that is willing to write a basic Plugin to communicate the info to the serial-Servo driver. 

If this info streamable from Mission Planner that would make it easier.

Any insight into this would be helpful...

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Ohhhh, that a pitty.

Would this be eventually possible if someone wrote the code for this or adapt the old software to the 1280?

it would be easy to do, as all the leg works has been done using just apm drivers

There is no ceter on the continuous rotation servos. They are open loop. They are the ones modified by servocity.com. On the 180 and 90 servo I don't want them to ceter when the joystick is released. How do I set that on the software.
Thanks for all your support.

the servos do have a center, you just need to find what pwm that is and set that as your trim value for that axis


I think Michael is right - there has to be a center point because the servo must still have position feedback (earlier you mentioned the pots were removed).  If there's no position feedback, then how would the s/w be able to tell the servo where to point or how far to move?  Even if it was initialized with a known servo position or direction, it seems to me the servo would quickly get out of sync with where the controller was telling it to point.   Plus, I'm sure the s/w isn't set up for an 'open-loop' servo like that.  If your servos truly have the pots removed, then you would have to add pots somewhere else on the antenna mount and connect them to the servo amplifiers where the original pots were connected.  Or am I totally missing what you're saying?

Michael, i think i'm missing something about the antenna tracker... How does it know the GPS position of the antenna in order to follow the plane turning around it ? Is there a setting to define the postion of antenna ?

it uses your home position. so make sure thats is where the antenna tracker is located.


if you let the ap init, then just drag the homer position in the flight planner screen, it will dynamicly move.

Thanks Michael... This antenna tracker is brilliant!... amazing feature.

Ηι Michael, im quite close to fix it, but i have some questions:

-I use pololu micro maestro with 180d pan servo and 90d tilt servo, I found & set the range for both and calced the  8-bit range. I opened the planner, configured the degrees, but pan was reversed even if checked or uncheked the reverce. any ideas?

-control center doesn't accept the exact calced values, instead it uses the higher closest, is that a problem? can we override it?

-Also, what about the the 8-bit neutral and Rate values? should we leave them default?

thanks you very much for the nice and new UI & features.


hi, Micheal. I built my antenna tracker with a 360 degree pan servo and a slip-ring unit which can do continous rotation. It can do 360 degree rotation, but it has to return back to the position of 1 degree. So with Mission Planner and ardutracker software, how can I get it to relaize continous rotation without back to any position less than 180 degree? And, I would like to enjoy with you how to make the antenna tracker as below, even post freely some materials you need.


Shawn, can you give me an example of the problem.

Michael, Thanks for your quick reply. Now I explain what I need.

Current pan servo's movement, e.g. clockwise direction:

--0~360 degree(or less, I don't know the exact end point of the software), clockwise. Fine

--360+1 degree, counter-clockwise move, and back to 1 degree. Tracking lost during the back movement.

What I wanna:

--0~360 degree(or less, I don't know the exact end point of the software), clockwise rotation

--360+1 degree, clockwise, move to 1 degree positon directly, without back that 359. continous rotation

--360+179 degree, clockwise, continous rotation

--360- 180 degree, counter-clockwise, back rotation

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