Hi there everyone

I have an S500 Quad with a Hobbyking Mega 2.7 Master Set. I have tried both AC 3.1.5 and AC 3.2.1 and in my opinion the 3.1.5 works better for me in many ways. But there are two things i'm missing there. 

1. The RSSI range (to be able to set it to 3.3V like in the AC 3.2.1 - i'm using Frsky DF Dombo) and

2. PosHold which would be great to have.

Is it too much of work to add this two options to the AC 3.1.5

Thank you in advance


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The source code is available, you should be able to do that yourself, but it would probably be more useful to explain what you think is better about the older firmware.

Can someone explain how to modify the code to put the PosHold mod in AC 3.1.5?

I don't know, for some reason, AltHold, loiter and RTL work way better in AC 3.1.5 comparing to AC 3.2.1. Also with the default values on 3.1.5 i get a great control over my quad, on the other hand i don't like the reaction of the quad on 3.2.1. Tried to autotune but i can't get it to work on 3.2.1 (on 3.1.5 autotuning works fine even tho it doesn't say it's autotuning with audio on mission planner). I'm not such an expert so I don't think i can manually tune it. I took a look at the source code from github, i can't compile it. It has errors it says. I downloaded and sent the libraries to the Arduino libraries folder but still not working. Could you please provide with a good AC 3.1.5 source code so I can add the rssi_range and PosHold mode (at least i will try :) )

Thank you in advance.

Do you have the same issues with the AC 3.2.1? What problems do you have?

I tried both versions, first I used 3.1.5. and quad nicely behaved, after the auto-tune procedure, everything was fine.
Before moving on AC 3.2.1, to the terminal, i cleaned the previous firmware, do a factory reset and then load the new firmware. After the auto-tune procedure in the AC 3.2.1,i
was not satisfied, issues and problems with the AC 3.2.1 previously described in a couple of posts on this forum.

Shortli, Loiter mode I never managed to adjust to working as on the previous version, AltHold was not bad, drifting in PosHold.

I tried a couple of days to adjust parameters, but I was not satisfied, I decided to come back to AC 3.1.5, and it's all okay.

PosHold liked me, I would like this mod put in AC 3.1.5
3.1.5 AC I downloaded over Mission Planner.

There are my current settings, so maybe u can find something of this useful.


Your parameters are very similar to mine. 


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