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As you can see on the picture, one component has burnt on the tx (at the bottom near ts330 writing). However I can always transmit the signal with the sound, but no image. And when the tx is on, the TV screen is going black without frying. I mean there is no BSOD.

Do you think guys, it's possible to fix it? If you have an idea I'm interested.




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Hi, later on I realized that the 5P Molex connector that I used had reversed positive and negative output wires! Black Negative should be the last outer one and positive next to it inside, but here on connector last wire was red and one inside was black leading to all short-circuits! Beware of such Molex connectors. This connector also fried my Mobius camera to death :-(.

But fortunately both my Tx got working again. Thanks to LordGotham for showing the technique.
Thanks everybody :0)
Sometimes I see someone have repaired this boscam it's so good and I'm happy to ear that

Have a good day....
My boscam works always...

I been using my repaired one since last year with no issues, but I use them as relay for my ground stations

Beware of the fact that many of Chinese made stuff follow no color coding,  for some funny reason they use Red as  negative  in my cases. Many of their wiring harness has wrong color wire used in polarity, so do not assume red to be positive.

my also burned today, someone already tested this fix, can confirm if it works?


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