APM 1.1.59 can't connect to Arducopter via USB (only SETUP)


I'm using APM 1.1.59 and APM board v1 (red board, ATMEGA2560). Uploading a new Firmware through Mission Planner works fine, also CLI has no problems to connect to the board. But when I try to use the SETUP mode of Mission Planner (not the CLI setup) I'm not able to connect anymore. (right top corner: Arducopter2, COM3, 115k) selected. I get a timeout (no heartbeat). The RX LED indicates that it receives data, the TX is board flashes intermittend on/off. 

Any suggestion, hints (or a simple point-to-discussion XYZ) would be highly appreciated!


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please update MP as the most recent version is 1.2.33


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