I am running APM 2.0.17 on MAC and I am not seeing the mandatory setup wizards. Searching around I see a similar problem from A YEAR AGO and wonder if this is just how it is? 


Please help! I dread the idea of buying a Microsoft product so I hope to find a fix for this. 


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First timer so I like the Wizard route. 

Just to be clear I am using and the problem is with APM not MP!

Yes, sorry - my bad. Just remembered another thread that complained about wizard resetting too much.

Luckilly, there is no wizards yet,   - wizards are dumbed-down version of stepping thru essential configuration steps.

APM planner is very nicely arranged, you you just need to look into every item from top to bottom:

Install desired firmware first.

Then connect , click "initial setup" , then go thru all items in "mantadory setup"  - you've done whatever a wizard would do.

Then proceed to "optional setup" - and configure whatever applies.

- done :)

I've installed firmware successfully. 

The next button down is "3DR RADIO" which displays a host of different fields between "LOCAL"and"FIELD" radios. 
Is "mandatory setup" a button like "Firmware" and "3DR Radio"? I only have the two buttons present.

Thanks !

Connect, then you'll see the rest.

Connect USB-Pixhawk or USB-Telemtry Radio?

That's entirely up to you :)

57600 is baudrate for radio , 115200 for USB cable

There is also basic documentation here on using the planner to get started http://planner2.ardupilot.com

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