I am currently having some issues with a quad, so I have a few questions that weren't answered in the manual.

My previous setup was using a KK type board.  I was flying in an x config, so I configured my wing-type as elevron.  Is this required for ArduCopter?

Due to some devices on my quad causing it to not be level, is there a way to turn off the auto level feature so I can set it as level once and never have it reset?

I have been flying 2.5.3 with no issues, on upgrade to 2.5.4 my quad rotates the 15 degrees in yaw on take off.

I think this issue has something to do with leveling the craft but flight in stabilize mode is anything but stable.  2.5.3 was fine, but 2.5.4 is all over the place, to maintain stability I have to add some elevator and roll to keep it level.  I think this is due to an inability to level properly.  In the AM I will remove the board, level it, and see if I can keep it powered and try a flight with it.

Any suggestions or advice would help.  Thanks,


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the roll/pitch channels from the tx should be plain roll and pitch with no mixes, the software handles the mixing for each motor.


with regards levelling the board, it needs to be in the frame with whatever "devices on my quad causing it to not be level" - really youre levelling the motors, i have done this a few times using a spirit level on the prop spinners.  it doesnt matter (within reason) that the APM isnt 100% aligned with the frame, but it must have the same error when levelling and flying.  if you have the chance to fly with no wind the auto trim mode seems to be the best option - hold the ARM position for 20 seconds then fly manually for a minute trying to maintain position.


as for setting level and forgetting it, it wont change much from flight to flight but over time error does creep in.  i really dont know why.





I am having same problem as Rick is having.

My take offs  are nice and smooth. My Y6-quad was so stable on stable mode, and alt_hold mode with firmware 2.5.3, but is not so stable on loitering or position hold. So i decided to Upgrade the firmware to 2.5.4 and see if i had better luck on Loitering and Position. Take offs after a 1 min or 2 the y6-Quad  all of suddenly Rudder ( YAW) rotates about 180'.

The other thing is after upgrading to the 2.5.4 i notices that the PID are changed Significantly , of course after resetting everything the stability is maintained. I was just concerned about the Rotating issue, so for now i will go back to Firmware 2.5.3 and just tweak with the PID for Loitering, Crosstrack correction and Nav WP. 

I will play around with the Code and see if i see anything I may fix and share with everyone. 


Did you calibrate your compass in the MP?

I have APM 1 and is the same for me even if the calibration was done.

If you will ask me there will be no software better than 2.0.49, all the software released after this version are having the same issue.

Without taking in consideration the Alt_hold that was not fixed yet, for me even with sonar is not standing well and if you could see it with 2.0.49 how was standing.....

Best regards.

I have also the same yaw problem with my Octo APM 1. I try to tune it, but now, my yaw is pendular and it's very hard to fly. 

I have the same problem with APM1 v1.4 board. There was 0 wind outside and even then my quad wouldn't like to fly level. Was really jumpy and strange altough i had the same pid settings as with 2.5.3.

Did a rollback to 2.5.3 and its flying fine.

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